Mercedes GLS 2020.

Mercedes GLS 2020

Mercedes GLS 2020.

New Mercedes GLS 2020: off-road S-Class

The Germans brought to the New York Motor Show 2019 a new second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLS 2020 SUV, which the company is positioning as an off-road version of the S-class. The car has become larger and more comfortable than its predecessor and offers a high level of luxury in its class.

The start of sales of the new Mercedes GLS X167 in Russia is scheduled for the late nineteenth, the price of the model starts from 6,900,000 rubles for the diesel GLS 400 d 4MATIC, while for the gasoline GLS 400 4MATIC you will have to pay at least 7,100,000 rubles. Soon, the production of «g-si» will be established at the Russian plant of the company.

Mercedes GLS 2020

Configuration and price Mercedes GLS 2020.

Options                                                                         Price

2.9d (330 h.p.) GLS 400 d Premium 4MATIC AT9   6 900 000

3.0 (367 HP) GLS 450 Premium Plus 4MATIC AT9 7 100 000

3.0 (367 HP) GLS 450 Sport 4MATIC AT9                7.6 million

2.9d (330 h.p.) GLS 400 d Luxury 4MATIC AT9      7 900 000

2.9d (330 h.p.) GLS 400 d First Class 4MATIC AT9 8 800 000

3.0 (367 HP) GLS 450 First Class 4MATIC AT9        8 800 000

AT9 — automatic 9-st., 4MATIC — four-wheel drive, d — diesel

In terms of design, the SUV retained the appearance of the car of the previous generation, remaining completely recognizable. But here is still a completely different front end with different bumpers, headlights and grille. The latter still has two massive ribs with six small slots (three on each side), and the head optics are already in the base Multibeam LED with 112 diodes in each headlight.

The horizontally oriented diode taillights with a 3D pattern are made quite narrow, and a chrome strip runs along their upper part along the entire width of the car. The sidewalls on the GLS lost sharp edges and stampings, although the wheeled wheel arches with massive overlays and a raised hood play a brutal appearance.

The saloon of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes GLS in front of the full repeats the younger GLE. On the front panel there are two 12.3-inch displays under the common glass, framed by airflow deflectors on the left and right. The left screen plays the role of an electronic instrument panel, while the right is given over to the MBUX multimedia system, which recognizes both voice commands and supports gesture control.

Four rectangular ventilation deflectors are located under the multimedia screen, and even lower — a narrow horizontal climate control unit. On the dashboard — a compact joystick and touch panel for entering information, as well as a secret box with cup holders. For a fee, a projection display with a high resolution of 720×240 pixels is available.

After an average stand between GLE and GLS differences begin. The SUV by default has three rows of seats, and the middle one can be an integral triple sofa, or with two separate captain’s chairs with armrests and individual electric adjustments (for the first time for this model). In addition, both rows are equipped with the function of folding the backs with the electric drive at the touch of a button.

A whole sofa can be moved back and forth, while its seat is divided in a ratio of 60:40, and the backrest (40:20:40) can be adjusted by the angle of inclination. For a surcharge, you can order an entertainment system for the second row with two 11.6-inch monitors and Internet access, and the six-seater version optionally offers lumbar massage and a seven-inch touchscreen in the central armrest to control various functions.

The company claims that passengers of the third row will not remain offended. There should be no problem accommodating two adults up to 194 cm tall, while the gallery has heated seats and USB connectors. If the owner fork out for five-zone climate control, then the inhabitants of the third row will fail their own set of deflectors with autonomous air conditioning and electric heater.

Mercedes GLS 2020.


The new Mercedes GLS 2020 bodywork is based on the MHA platform (Mercedes High Architecture), the overall length of the car increased to 5,207 mm (+ 77), the width added 22 mm (up to 1,956), and the wheelbase stretched an additional 60 millimeters — up to 3,135 As a result, the recently introduced BMW X7 is left behind in terms of length (5,151) and axle spacing (3,105).

By increasing the wheelbase, the distance between the first and second rows in the cabin was able to increase at once by an additional 87 mm. It is expected that in the future the Germans will prepare a luxurious Mercedes-Maybach GLS, where they will probably get rid of the third row, which will allow them to push the rear passenger seats even further back and provide a level of business jet comfort there.

The manufacturer has not yet specified the luggage compartment volume of the SUV with the third row and without it, naming only the maximum volume of 2,400 liters (it was 100 l less) when the backs of the second and third rows are folded. And on the Mercedes GLS II, the Carwash function appeared for entering the sink, when all windows and the sunroof are automatically closed, the rain sensor turns off, air recirculation and all-round cameras are activated, and the suspension is in the highest position.

Two gasoline engines are proposed for the new Mercedes-Benz GLS-class 2020 model, both of which come with a hybrid superstructure EQ-Boost, representing a 22-hp starter-generator. and 250 Nm, powered by 48-volt electrical systems. The motor helps the main ICE during acceleration and is responsible for starting the engine during the start / stop system.

The version of the Mercedes GLS 450 is equipped with a 3.0-liter inline turbo six with a capacity of 367 hp. and 500 Nm, while the more powerful GLS 580 has a 4.0-liter twin-supercharged V8 delivering 489 hp. and 700 Nm of torque. Also in the range are two three-liter six-cylinder diesel engines OM 656. On the GLS 350 d, it develops 286 hp. (600 Nm), and on the GLS 400 d its output is increased to 330 “horses” and 700 Nm.

All engines are paired with a 9-band automatic 9G-Tronic, while the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system is implemented on the basis of the transfer case with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch distributing traction between the axles. Optionally, you can order the Off-Road package (228,000 rubles) with a razdatkoy with a lowering number.

The base of the new Mercedes GLS relies on Airmatic air suspension with adaptive shock absorbers. For a fee, it can be replaced with a more advanced hydropneumatic suspension E-Active Body Control, powered by the above-mentioned 48-volt on-board network. Here, each wheel is individually controlled: anti-roll is provided, and when stuck, the system can simulate a buildup to get out of the trap.

Thus, the FPP remained a full-fledged SUV and should perform well outside the asphalt, especially if the appropriate equipment was ordered. True, hardly anyone will drive such a car off-road — unless the Arabs can play with various off-road settings in the sand.

Mercedes GLS 2020..

Options and prices.

Production of Mercedes GLS was established at an enterprise in American Tuscaloosa (Alabama), and later production will begin at the Russian plant of the brand. The first cars should appear in the salons of Russian dealers at the end of the nineteenth year, and for us only two modifications are put: GLS 400 d (from 6,900,000 rubles) and GLS 450 (from 7,100,000) — both with all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic, but for some reason they decided not to offer the top version of the GLS 580 with the G8. In the future, the appearance of a «charged» SUV from AMG and luxury from Maybach are expected.

The basic equipment of Premium immediately includes matrix LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, heating of all seats and a steering wheel, MBUX multimedia with a navigator and a rear-view camera, three rows of seats in the cabin, a panoramic roof, an automatic parking system and 21-inch wheels. The Premium Plus option is complemented by all-round cameras, front seat ventilation, side steps on the back and side airbags on the second row.

An intermediate version of Luxury flaunts 22-inch wheels, Burmester music, a four-zone climate, door closers, an autonomous heater and wiper blades Magic Vision Control with washer nozzles integrated into the brushes. For a gasoline car, Sport equipment has the same except for the heater, but is supplemented by an external AMG package.

The top First Class equipment (such versions will be delivered from the USA) boasts multi-contour seats with massage function, expensive upholstery in the interior, as well as the same hydropneumatic E-Active Body Control suspension. Plus, additional options are available for this version (Russian-built cars have fixed equipment), including the Offroad package.

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