Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

The luxury crossover Mercedes-Maybach EQS is unveiled.
Remember the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept from three years ago?

That electric sedan-crossover made a lot of noise, but it never became serial.

It seems that the idea was finally rejected, because at the IAA exhibition in Munich, a new forerunner of the luxury electric crossover, the Mercedes-Maybach EQS, made its debut.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

This is no longer a sedan, but a more familiar five-door station wagon, although for the sake of aerodynamics the body is made deliberately «smooth» and streamlined.

All doors are equipped with an electric drive. The conceptual Maybach has 24-inch wheels and generous trimming with chrome.

Even the pseudo-grille is not glowing like on other EQ models, but with real metal bars under the glass.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

Four separate seats with a rich set of adjustments are in the interior. Of course, expensive materials are used for trimming, and not only leather, but also fabric.

A front panel is a Hyperscreen, that is three separate displays under a single glass surface, which stretches from door to door.

Such a solution has already been used on the production model Mercedes-Benz EQS, but a new, more conservative graphic has been developed for the Maybach.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

At the heart of the crossover is a modular platform MEA (Modular Electric Architecture), created specifically for «electric cars», but there are no details about the technology yet.

In fact, even a «regular» crossover Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV should appear only by the end of 2022, and so far announced only estimated mileage on a single charge: about 600 km.

And the luxury version under the Maybach sub-brand will go on the assembly line even

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 2023.

But who needs a Maybach on batteries? The company assures that the market is waiting for this car.

The key audience of the Maybach is getting younger, customers are enthusiastically welcoming new technologies and many are already ready to move to an electric car.

If we take into account that among the main markets for Maybach are the U.S. and China, the luxury electric crossover should really be in demand.

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