Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022. New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: Z instead of X.

The revived Maybach as a separate brand did not achieve success: in ten years it managed to sell a little more than three thousand Maybach 57 and 62 sedans.

But the reboot and the new status of the sub-brand were successful: in five years, more than 60 thousand extended Mercedes-Maybach S-class sedans were produced!

Moreover, Russia has become one of the key markets for the model (along with China, Germany, the United States and South Korea): we have more than a quarter of S-class sales in Maybachi.

In a word, such a business model paid off one hundred percent, so the new Mercedes-Maybach was not long in coming: the top version was shown right after the base model of the W / V223 series, which had not even had time to reach dealerships.

The recipe for creating a Maybach based on the S-class has not changed at all: the profile with enlarged rear doors and additional windows in the rear pillars is the same.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

Although if the old model X222 had a wheelbase stretched by 200 mm (relatively long version of the V222), then the new Maybach with the Z223 index was only 180 mm. As a result — 3396 mm between the axles against 3365 mm for its predecessor.

And the length of the car with the change of generation has grown barely noticeable — from 5453 to 5469 mm.

Outside, the Maybach differs from the original S-Class with a different radiator grille, additional nameplates and original wheels (19, 20 or 21 inches in diameter), and retractable door handles are included in the base package, while this is an option for conventional sedans.

Also, for a surcharge, you can order a two-tone body color, which is not available in the standard S-class.

And as an option for Maybach, the most advanced Digital Light headlights are offered, which can «draw» prompts for the driver in the form of arrows and symbols on the road.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

Each headlight has three powerful diodes and a matrix of 1.3 million micromirrors, which are controlled by the electronics to create an «image».

Maybachs with a three-seater rear sofa will no longer be: separate armchairs are already «in the base», although their functionality may differ.

The backrest can be tilted from 19 to 43.5 degrees to the vertical. New features include a neck and shoulder heating, a footrest with built-in vibrating massager, and a telescopic seat belt feed mechanism (like coupes and convertibles). A refrigerator can be installed in the central box.

For the first time, the rear doors acquired a servo drive, and it works not only by pressing the keys, but also «helps» if the door is still opened by hand.

The Burmester audio system has active noise cancellation. The rear lighting is adaptive: you can adjust the brightness, direction and size of the light beam.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

There are 253 LEDs in the Maybach salon. And front airbags for rear passengers are also installed as standard.

Technically, the new Mercedes-Maybach is completely unified with the regular S-Class.

It has a standard air suspension, for a surcharge, you can install an active hydropneumatic suspension E-Active Body Control and a fully-controlled chassis (it reduces the turning circle by two meters), and in 2021 there will also be a Drive Pilot, that is, a track autopilot.

The list of modifications has not yet been made public, although it is clear that the motors will be the same as those of the regular S-class — these are in-line “sixes” and V-shaped “eights”.

Four-wheel drive and «automatic» 9G-Tronic are installed by default. However, Maybach will have a trump card — this is the status V12 engine, which is not allowed for the usual S-class in the new generation. Details will come later.

Sales of the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Sedans will begin in high-priority markets by the end of this year. Apparently, Russia is among them.

Although even in Germany, cars will appear only in the spring of 2021. The outgoing Maybach 222 series costs from 11 million rubles, and the new one will certainly rise in price.

Mercedes-MAYBACH S 580 2022.

UPDATE: Powertrain data has appeared.

At the start of sales, two versions will be offered. The Mercedes-Maybach S 580 is powered by a 4.0 V8 engine that produces the same 489 hp. and 700 Nm, as in the regular S-class.

And the older Mercedes-Maybach S 650 (in China S 680) has a six-liter V12 engine (630 hp, 1000 Nm): this is the old M279 unit with two turbochargers and three valves per cylinder, and even the recoil has not changed compared to the previous one. generation.

It is important that both versions of the Maybach have four-wheel drive: before, the 12-cylinder S-classes were exclusively rear-wheel drive, but now the engineers have solved the layout problems.

Both engines also have a 48-volt EQ Boost starter-generator that produces 20 hp. and 180 Nm, helping in the first seconds of acceleration.

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