Mercedes Metris 2021.

Mercedes Metris 2021.

Mercedes Metris 2021.

Mercedes Metris 2021: stylish and practical minivan for the American market.
In the US market, the German company «Mercedes» is forced to adapt to the needs of Americans, for whom a large, comfortable and practical car for family or commercial trips is important.

That is why the model, better known to us as the Vito Metris, is very popular there. This year, it was decided to restyle a well-selling car in order to refresh its appearance, increase the comfort of movement and expand its technical capabilities.

As a result, the exterior of Mercedes Metris 2021 has been cosmetically updated, the interior has become not only more comfortable, but also larger, and the engine compartment characteristics are now more in line with the requirements for cars of this kind.

And the very democratic pricing policy of Stuttgart will certainly add fans to the novelty among family car enthusiasts who can count money.


Mercedes Metris 2021.


The appearance of the new model can hardly be called catchy, but in the modernity of execution it certainly cannot be denied.

Even in the photo, you can appreciate the harmonious smoothness of the relief, complemented by elegant lighting technology, updated air access elements, and many other small decorative details.

The Mercedes-Benz Metris 2021 looks most interesting from the front. The muzzle of the car is set, as before, not high, but its length and width are impressive.

The windshield does not have the greatest tilt angle and is distinguished by a gorgeous view of everything that happens in front of the car. Directly in front of him sits a heavily tilted bonnet trapeze with a muscularly raised center section.

From the sides it is «propped up» by elongated headlights of complex shape of the matrix type with sections of LED running lights.

Between them is a huge pentagonal grille with a chrome star in the middle and three horizontal slats, between which are located inserts of black plastic with a fine-mesh pattern. Top-of-the-line models will receive this element with chrome trim.

Mercedes Metris 2021.

The bumper of the car, although voluminous, is quite simple. In addition to aerodynamic crossings and a platform for a registration plate in the upper part, it contains two holes for large round foglights along the edges, an air intake trapezoid in the center and a massive plastic protection at the very bottom.

On the side, the new body has not changed so much. Immediately under the solid rails, you can find large angular glasses that provide excellent visibility. The same cannot be said about the mirrors, which are clearly small for such a large car.

The relief is mostly calm, turning, however, into the edges under the door handles and above the thresholds.

The latter, like the wheel arches, have retained a very impressive size, and all this is traditionally complemented by a protective plastic layer below.

The wide sliding door of the passenger compartment is designed to facilitate the entry and exit of people in tight parking spaces.

The rear part of the car can be made both in the form of swing doors, and as a one-piece plane that rises upwards.

Mercedes Metris 2021.

The passenger version will receive an almost vertical window here, closed in a cargo van with a steel insert.

In all modifications, the side lights will be located in a vertical position on the struts, and the bumper, equipped with a minimum number of functional elements, will also become a step for access to the luggage compartment.


The interior finishing materials of the new Mercedes Metris 2021 model year: leather, fabrics, several types of plastic and metal-like inserts have remained the same, however, several new options have appeared at the disposal of the driver and passengers, and the seats have become a little more comfortable.


Control and management bodies

The torpedo turned out to be quite large, but at the same time cute. A small touchscreen display of the infotainment system in the center, rounded ventilation deflectors and a decorative insert «under the wood» add grace to it.

Air ducts can be obtained in chrome color by ordering a special chrome package. Below you can find the air conditioning control unit, as well as very few physical buttons.

The central tunnel of the car begins with a podium ledge, where the technical part is located, headed by the original automatic transmission selector, then there is an organizer under the curtain and ends with all the armrests that are attached to each seat separately and can be raised.

It is worth noting the steering wheel of the car, which is distinguished by a comfortable grip and versatility, as well as a rather informative instrument panel, on which digital sensors coexist with a small but pleasant on-board computer.

Mercedes Metris 2021.

Rear interior decoration

The passenger version can be made in five-, seven- or eight-seater versions, and each seat will receive a rather comfortable shape with medium-soft filling and lumbar support, while the driver’s and front passenger’s seats will be additionally supplied with electric adjustments and heating.

When ordering a cargo van, the compartment floor can be metal or covered with plastic panels, as well as contain additional elements to fix the position of the luggage on the road.

In general, the compartment turned out to be very spacious and in this sense capable of competing with even larger cars.


For the American market, the Mercedes Metris 2021 will be supplied exclusively with a 2-liter turbodiesel with a 208 horsepower output.

The 7-speed «automatic» will be replaced by a nine-stage, but the drive can still be selected: from rear to full.
As well as the base of the vehicle in the cargo version: either 3.2 or 3.4 meters. In the passenger version, this parameter will always be equal to 3.2.

As the test drive showed, the car will perfectly cope with most difficult situations in the city and on the highway, but if you take an all-wheel drive modification, then the lane will not be a serious obstacle for the minivan.

Options and prices

The starting price of new items will be approximately $ 36,000. All additional options will cost another 4500 US currency units.

Sales start in Russia

The car will reach the American market in the first half of 2021. The release date in Russia of the updated Metris has not been determined, since its twin brother, the third generation Vito, is presented on the domestic market.


One serious competitor in the North American market is the Ford Transit Connect. Opel Zafira Life, Hyundai H-1 and Toyota Alphard will be added to it in European countries.

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