Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021: a new generation of luxury sedan.
The model range of representative cars of the Mercedes concern was supplemented by a new model of a rear- or all-wheel drive sedan — Mercedes S-Class 2021.

A deep and carefully thought-out restyling marked itself with a significant modernization of the body design, an increase in the comfort of the salon interior, and an improvement in the operational characteristics of component power units.

In the photo from all angles, the new version of the charismatic sedan demonstrates several original design and design solutions, a combination of excellent aerodynamics and classic business style.

In front projection, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class focuses on striking and expressive details of aggressive styling:

• ribbed sidewalls of the hood;

• front optics blocks decorated with three boomerangs of navigation lights;

• wide frame and transverse slats of the branded radiator grille.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Also of interest is the block layout of the ventilation duct and diffusers, decorated with a silver lining, as well as the compact format of the body kit. The décor of the front end is represented by chrome plating of brand symbols and radiator cladding, as well as elements of aerodynamic ribbed relief.

Despite the absence of decorative chrome plating, the new sedan body looks stylish and solid in the profile projection. In the spotlight:

• lengthened bonnet and elegantly sloped domed roof configuration;

• contrasting combination of silver window perimeter and black matte pillars;

• chrome oval mirrors and compact handles recessed into door cards.

The entourage is effectively complemented by the longitudinal profiles of the stepped body relief, the ideal geometry of the contours of the wheel arches, decorative sill plates and the corporate multi-leaf design of 17-inch wheels.

From the rear, the executive sedan is easily identified by the nominal difference in the angles of the rear window and short stern, futuristic design and exclusive graphics of the taillights, chrome strip and badges of the compact boot lid.

The lower segment of the stern includes a stepped profile of the protruding bumper, a pair of fog lamps and a small-format body kit with diamond-shaped exhaust pipes connected with a chrome-plated jumper.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.


In the new incarnation, the interior of the Mercedes C-Class 2021 model amazes the imagination:

• elite quality of the finishing and decoration assortment;

• original architecture of the front panel;

• ergonomic and comfortable seats.

The multifunction steering wheel status confirms the presence on the front plane of the command touch buttons responsible for activating the comfort-forming options. The left side of the widescreen display serves as a digital instrument cluster. Right — used as a media display, as well as to output information from climate control systems, navigation and safe driving.

On the lower tier of the dashboard there is a set of ventilation diffusers and a precision analogue clock with a classic analogue dial. In addition to technical and other standard equipment, the structure of the tunnel is supplemented with a command touchscreen.

• At the front of the spacious cabin, there is a pair of superbly profiled leather seats equipped with lateral support, an extended range of adjustments, efficient ventilation, heating and multi-mode vibration massage.

• Rear seating is represented by two separate seats with modern road service or a three-seater sofa with a folding armrest.

• In the second variant, the status of the five-seater salon can be considered conditional due to the high central tunnel, which is uncomfortable for the average rider.

The salon interior demonstrates the latest developments in the field of automotive electronics, improving the efficiency of road safety systems, unique sound insulation of the interior trim, a large amount of its own space for the driver and each passenger individually.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.


The external dimensions of the executive sedan, edited in nominal ratios of 5271 x 1905 and 1496 mm, inspire respect. Moderate for its class, the volume of the 510-liter trunk to some extent compensates for the container for a spare wheel built into the floor and a set of on-board tools.

• The new model range is based on the advantages of a thoroughly modernized platform of its predecessor with a comfortable multi-link suspension, an axle base of the chassis of 3165 mm and an adjustable ground clearance.

• Undercarriage assets include high-performance anti-roll bars, electronically controlled long-travel shock absorbers and additional functionalities of safety systems.

The engine range includes four variants of gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines with working volumes of 3 and 4 liters, with power output from 367 to 439 hp, working in a productive tandem with an 8-band rear-wheel or all-wheel drive automatic power transmission.

The test drive confirmed the power and consumption characteristics of the engines declared by the manufacturer, the dynamics of acceleration, as well as the excellent interaction of technical and electronic equipment.

Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Options and prices

The selling price of a rear-wheel drive sedan is 6.3 million rubles, the cost of an all-wheel drive modification is 200 thousand rubles higher. The price range of the top versions will vary between 7.6-7.8 million.

Sales start in Russia

The new Mercedes C-class 2021 model year will enter the domestic market at the end of this 2020. A more precise release date in Russia will be announced in the middle of the fall season.

Competing models

Considering the representative status and cost, the new sedan has relatively few real rivals. These are analogues of the same type with a class not lower than Maybach 62, BMW 7 series, Porsche Panamera S or Jaguar XJ.

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