Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS. INKAS has built an armored variant of the new Mercedes S-Class W223.

The Canadian company INKAS has presented an armored version of the new Mercedes S-Class sedan (W223).

It was built on the basis of S580 4MATIC and externally does not differ from the ordinary civilian cars.

Sedan from INKAS is equipped with armor and multi-layer bulletproof glass, which reliably protects the driver and passengers from the aggression from the outside.

Tuners also reinforced the suspension and put flat tires on the tires.

In addition, the workshop is ready to equip the flagship four-door with a number of special equipment, namely fire-extinguishing system and oxygen cylinders (in case of chemical attack).

Plus, the modification is available with night vision system, through which the driver can operate the car in complete darkness, as well as in heavy fog or smoke.

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

Other options include strobe lights, a siren and a speakerphone system, and the latter allows you to communicate with people outside without lowering the windows.

It is reported that INKAS Mercedes S-Class has protection class BR6, which means it can withstand shots from small arms of 7.62 mm caliber and two grenades DM51.

The Canadian company’s specialists point out that the modified sedan kept the highest level of comfort.

Technique also remained standard: a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that works with a nine-speed automatic and produces 503 hp. (699 Nm).

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

At the same time armored four-door definitely became heavier, and therefore from 0-60 mph (96 km/h) accelerates not for the declared manufacturer 4.4 seconds, and a little slower.

The company plans to sell the modification everywhere, but its cost is not disclosed yet.

It is reported that the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class from Inkas will be equipped with hidden armor of protection level BR6.

According to published data, the sedan will be able to withstand simultaneous detonation of two hand grenades, as well as protect people from 7.62 millimeter bullets.

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

Visually, the new armored sedan from Inkas will not differ from the standard S-Class, but an experienced person will probably be able to notice the unusual appearance of the windows, which are mounted in a non-standard way because of the very thick.

Only the driver’s window can be lowered, and not completely. On the tires you can notice the marking, which indicates that the car can move even with punctured wheels.

Under the hood is located a standard for the S 580 4Matic power unit.

Mercedes S-Class W223 from INKAS.

The car is powered by a 503-horsepower V8 combined with all-wheel drive system and a 9-speed automatic transmission. The suspension and brakes have been modified to accommodate the increased weight.

Inkas offers a wide range of equipment that can be added to the armor. The vehicle can be retrofitted with fire extinguishing systems and oxygen supply to the cabin.

Also available are night vision systems, hands-free communications, and trivia in the form of sirens and strobe lights.

Unfortunately, the cost of the redesign from Inkas has not been disclosed. The company accepts orders worldwide and is ready to deliver the car to any major seaport or by plane.

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