Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022. Mercedes-AMG showed the interior of the new SL According to the developers, the interior is a mix of analog geometry and «numbers».

Mercedes-AMG has released photos of the next-generation SL interior.

For the model with a 2 + 2 seating formula, a new concept of hyperanalogue was invented — a mix of analog geometry and «numbers».

To understand what is at stake, just look at the dashboard.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

Unlike the latest models, on which this element is either combined with the central display, or is made in the form of a «floating» screen, the SL tidy is installed in the old fashioned way, under the visor, and therefore does not glare in the sun.

The front panel of the new SL (R232) looks like a step back in terms of design, especially when compared to the EQS — but this is done on purpose.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

The task of the developers was to combine the sophistication inherent in the latest models of the brand with a bit of sportiness, without violating the integrity of the image.

According to the chairman of the board of Mercedes-AMG Philip Schiemer, the new SL is a revival of an icon (meaning the 300 SL Roadster), taking into account the requirements of the present.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

The historical ancestor is also hinted at by the newly designed «turbine nozzles» of the ventilation system.

For example, the ones on the sides of the center display are very similar to the round headlights that blend in with voluminous fenders.

Another interesting element of the cabin is the center console.

When viewed from above, it resembles a NACA duct. The same solution is used on the AMG GT coupe and the GT 4-Door Coupé liftback.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

The diagonal of the main screen is 11.9 inches.

The touchscreen is equipped with an electric drive for adjusting the angle of inclination and is oriented vertically — so it is more convenient to use it, according to Mercedes-AMG.

The second-generation MBUX multimedia does the same thing as in the S-Class, but comes with AMG-specific settings and menu items (Performance and Track Pace), plus offers a choice of several styling styles.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

The loudspeaker grilles of the Burmester audio system in the doors are made of metal.

In general, Mercedes-AMG approached the choice of interior trim materials carefully.

For example, the seats can be upholstered in one or two-tone nappa, quilted leather, and a combination of nappa and Dinamica Race microfibers.

At the same time, the new SL, although it is positioned as 2 + 2, but the second row will accommodate passengers no more than 150 centimeters tall, so the company also suggests using it for storing, for example, golf bags.

Mercedes SL73 AMG 2022.

It is already known that the SL will also receive a new fabric roof (the outgoing model had a hard convertible top) and for the first time will get all-wheel drive.

The body structure will use aluminum, high-strength steel, magnesium and carbon-fiber composite.

As for the variety of versions, Mercedes-AMG is likely to offer a wide range — from the SL 43 with an inline-six 3.0 and the EQ Boost hybrid superstructure to the SL 73 with an electrified unit with more than 800 horsepower.

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