MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022. New electric cars MG Marvel R and MG 5 for Europe.

The SAIC concern has been trying for a long time to re-promote the MG brand in Europe, starting, of course, from its historical homeland — Great Britain.

For a long time, sales did not rise above three to four thousand cars a year, but things went up sharply when hybrids and electric cars appeared on sale.

In 2018, nine thousand MG cars were sold in the European market, in 2019 — 14 thousand, and in the quarantine 2020 — already 22 thousand cars!

The sales geography is expanding, and a start in Germany is planned for this year. And two new items were announced at once, both with an electric drive.

The first is a mid-size crossover MG Marvel R with a length of 4674 mm.

In China, it debuted just a month ago under the name Roewe Marvel R, but the Roewe brand in the SAIC concern is considered purely «home».

The brand change to MG brought new logos, although the exterior remained unchanged.

The interior is also untouched: there are five seats, a 12.3-inch dash screen, a 19.4-inch vertical media system tablet and rich equipment.

There are two trunks: the front one — 150 liters, the rear one — 357 liters.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

But the power plant of the European MG Marvel R crossover is the same as that of the Chinese pre-reform model Roewe Marvel-X, that is, with three motors (one on the front axle and two on the rear).

The cumulative output is 288 hp. and 665 Nm, and the acceleration time to 100 km / h — 4.9 s. The maximum speed is limited to 200 km / h.

There will also be a simple rear-wheel drive modification with two motors.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

The MG Marvel R crossover is equipped with a traction battery with a capacity of 70 kWh. The passport mileage on one charge is 400 km according to the WLTP cycle.

Recharging 80% from the «fast» terminal will take half an hour.

The second European premiere is the restyled MG 5 Electric station wagon, and it was presented even earlier than the updated Chinese «source» under the Roewe brand.

Although only exterior images have been released so far.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

The five-door 4544 mm long has acquired a new design of the front end with narrower headlights and has lost the pseudo-grille.

Trunk volume — from 578 to 1456 liters.

The only electric motor on the front axle is now more powerful: 184 hp. instead of 156 hp Apparently, the capacity of the traction battery has also increased (it was 52.5 kW ∙ h), because the passport mileage in the WLTP cycle has grown from 344 to 400 km.

MG Marvel R Electric 2022.

Acceleration time to «hundreds» — 8.3 s. And both new MG electric vehicles have the V2L (Vehicle to Load) function, which allows external consumers of electricity to be connected to the car and even share the charge with other electric vehicles.

European dealers will start accepting orders for the MG Marvel R crossovers in May and the updated MG 5 Electric station wagons in the summer.

Prices will be announced then. Now the pre-reform MG 5 in the UK costs from £ 27,500 excluding government subsidies. Sales of the new electric MGs will begin in October.

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