MG Mulan 2023.

MG Mulan 2023.

MG Mulan 2023.

The MG automaker recently announced the official name of its new all-electric urban crossover — the MULAN 2023.

This was followed by a set of official images of the parkette.

The Chinese have unveiled the MG Mulan hatchback, designed to compete with the VW ID.3.

The overall shape of the new car is very sporty and aggressive with an active lower grille guard.

The side part takes a transboundary shape, and the «soaring» roof and wheel rims in the form of petals give the parkette an extremely fashionable look.

The stern design is more voluminous, and the Y-shaped lights converge to the central logo, which is unique and forms a through effect.

The roof spoiler has a split design that enhances the sporty feel.

MG Mulan 2023.

Its middle section is equipped with a high-mounted rear camera, and the silver protection plate is complemented by a lower diffuser that emphasizes the sense of movement. Information about the interior has not yet been disclosed.

As for power, it is reported that the new car is capable of accelerating to a «hundred» in 4 seconds, and the basic rear-wheel-drive layout of the entire system is coordinated with a five-lever suspension.

MG Mulan 2023.

In addition, the crossover is equipped with «zero heat acceleration» protection, which is designed in accordance with the European five-star safety standard and can provide comprehensive battery protection.

The new car also features LBS lie-flat elements, which not only have a higher density, but also reduce the thickness of the entire unit, effectively saving space in the cabin.

MG Mulan 2023.

Reportedly, the parkette will be unveiled in the near future.

The novelty has dimensions comparable to Hyundai Creta. The length of the model — 4287 mm, width — 1836 mm, and height — 1516 mm.

MG Mulan 2023.

Thus the distance between front and rear axles is 2705 mm.

It is reported that the crossover will be powered by an electric motor with a maximum output of 203 horsepower.

This unit is installed on the rear axle, respectively, and it will be transmitted to the torque.

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