Mini Cooper Countryman 2021.

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021.

The Mini Cooper Countryman 2021 is an updated premium crossover with new options.
The Mini Cooper company is quite popular in European countries, but our automotive community does not seem to pay attention to this brand, and indeed to the rest of the English car industry.

The time has come to fix it, all the more there is a reason — Mini Cooper Countryman has changed a generation and he is so interesting, both in terms of history and technology, that one cannot but tell about him.


The brand was founded in 1958, which is relatively new by industry standards. But he did not start to enjoy great popularity, interrupting with some sales, and that’s all.

When it got really bad, the company was bought out by the state corporation Rover Group, they kept Mini Cooper at home, but did not promote the brand. As a result, in 1994 the Germans from BMW became interested in the wayward hatch, which was a turning point in the history of the company.

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021

Some preface was to justify the technical stuffing of the brand’s cars. In particular, the updated premium crossover (Mini Countryman is a cross, not a hatch, as it might seem at first glance) settled on the UKL2 bogie. Who does not know, the Bavarian X1 is being built on a similar platform today.

Its notable feature is that it allows easy integration of hybrid technologies. In particular, the 2020 cross has received an electric motor on the rear axle, a 9.6 kWh battery, the ability to recharge and use only electric traction (you can drive 61 km) on a single charge.

Otherwise, the Mini Cooper gets an independent suspension layout (MacPherson strut front, multi-link rear), ventilated disc brakes, front axle drive (in internal combustion engines) and full in hybrid trim levels.

It is worth dwelling on the motor range in more detail. Here the list is quite extensive (it is not known what equipment will arrive in Russia):

The all-wheel-drive cross with the SE attachment gets a 1.5-liter turbocharger mated to an electric motor on the rear axle. In total, the units give out 220 hp;

Three options for gasoline units — 1.5 liters. 102 hp, 1.5 liters. 136 hp and 2.0 l. at 178 hp (previously 192 hp);
Three diesel engines with twin-flow turbocharger and AdBlue injection. The first is 1.5 liters. and 116 hp. and two 2-liter 150 and 190 hp.

Actually, most of these units and characteristics remained unchanged. The only place where they are more dramatic is in the transmission unit.

Now mechanics will only be available for front-wheel drive internal combustion engines. All-wheel drive is due to the past 7-speed robot and the new 8-band automatic.

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021


As for the body, the Countryman’s length has increased by as much as 20 cm compared to its predecessor, as a result of which it has become more proportionally elongated and more folding. But the basic shapes of the parts (fenders, windshield slope, roof shape, stern slope angle) remained the same.

Changes are observed in the optics, which slightly changed the shape and pattern, and also the front and rear body kits were corrected. You can also notice the enlarged rims (up to 17 inches), otherwise the «classics» did not dare to change.

The optional Piano Black Exterior package is naturally included (chrome parts painted black).

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021


The interior, which has always been distinguished by its identity, has received several notable innovations.

For example, the famous analog dashboard is a thing of the past. Instead, there is now an equally strange virtual panel with a diameter of only 5 inches (perfectly readable between the spokes of the multi-steering wheel).

The centerpiece of the 2020 Mini Countryman’s torpedo has also been redesigned with a new 8.8-inch touchscreen that looks all 12 inches in the interior.

Another climate block can also be noticed. For the rest, new variants of the leather interior trim, torpedo and steering wheel are announced.
The interior layout remained unchanged. At the back there is a 3-seater sofa. But the volume of the luggage compartment has increased to 450 liters, and with the backrests folded up to 1390 liters.


Raising the topic of competition when it comes to Mini Cooper products is somehow unethical. It’s like IOS and Android.

If a person likes the British format, then he will take it, regardless of any factors. But in fairness, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan, etc. are in the same price category.

Mini Cooper Countryman 2021

Price and start date of sales

What’s more interesting, British hatches and crosses are not assembled on the territory of Foggy Albion (except that the Clubman is assembled near Oxford).

The last generation Mini Countryman was produced at the Bavarian plant in Graz, Austria. But due to the expansion of production of the X5, there was no room for the Mini Cooper at the plant, so the assembly contract was given to the Dutch VDL plant (hatches were being assembled there all this time).

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