Mini Countryman 2022.

Mini Countryman 2022.

Mini Countryman 2022.

Mini has started tests of the new generation Countryman crossover.

Western publications have published photos with test prototype of the next generation crossover Mini Countryman.

The car received a strong camouflage. The new Countryman will get the same platform as the BMW X1.

The period of winter testing will soon be over, which means that automakers are more active than ever in the cold northern regions of Scandinavia.

Western journalists have published «spy» photos of the next-generation Mini Countryman crossover prototype.

We haven’t seen much of the new model. This is only the fourth sighting of the British novelty since it was first reported that the automaker began developing an updated version of its popular model in October 2021.

Unfortunately, the level of camouflage looks the same as when we first saw the prototypes, but the combination of sun and snow in these images gives us a better idea of its size.

Mini Countryman 2022.

The crossover will «grow» from the current version of the model, and will be built on the FAAR platform like the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and the new X1.

Our sources tell us that it could be almost 8 20 centimeters longer, offering more passenger space as well as increased cargo capacity.

Mini Countryman 2022.

Although the camouflage still hides exterior details front and rear, we can see that the Countryman’s overall design will be very familiar with a wide headlamp grille surrounded by two oval headlights.

On closer inspection, the headlights on this prototype may be plugs, although hulls suggest the final design may have sharper edges.

The taillights are completely enclosed, and there may be fake panels under the rear film, which is even more confusing.

Mini Countryman 2022.

At first glance there are no visible exhaust manifolds, but a very close look reveals a single exhaust port pointing down on the driver’s side.

Thus, this is not an all-electric Countryman, although it will reportedly appear.

The plug-in hybrid version is also rumored to be the most powerful of any Mini, with unconfirmed reports that a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine will be paired with an electric motor, making a total of 322 horsepower.

Mini Countryman 2022.

It will be an all-wheel-drive model; a less powerful plug-in hybrid is likely to appear, as well as standard internal combustion engines turning only the front wheels.

Not long ago, MINI released a new Pat Moss Edition to celebrate International Women’s Day. MINI celebrated International Women’s Day with the Pat Moss Edition. The model of the same name pays tribute to Pat Moss.

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