Mitsubishi ASX 2020.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.

High-quality crossover worthy of the money.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020. Soon after the new, 2019 year on the World Wide Web flashed information about the upcoming restyling of the popular crossover model from Mitsubishi. The novelty, called the 2020 Mitsubishi ASX, will certainly delight fans, because they will see a completely new, stylish appearance, pretty good for their money, comfortable lounge, as well as a decent technical stuffing, thanks to which the car is ideal for driving around the city, and for trips beyond. There is no doubt that the new model will enter a qualitatively different stage of its development, where it can successfully compete with other SUVs of the middle price category.


It has already been noted that the new body will embody all the achievements of modern automotive fashion and will seriously differ from what fans of the model could see earlier. Even from the photo you can determine that the car will become larger and acquire some interesting decorations and a relief that visually brings it closer to off-road models.

The front of the Mitsubishi ACX 2020 looks very fresh and unlike the previous generation of the machine. She shortened a little, but placed higher and now looks wider. The hood cover has acquired a wavy relief in the central part and expansion from the sides. The fashionable X-shaped style dominates here. The central point in it is the rectangular air intake grille with a large mesh trimmed around the perimeter with massive strips painted in chrome. To the right and to the left of this element are evil squinted headlights with halogen or xenon lights inside. Immediately below them, in the hollows of the body there are rectangles of low beam optics. Between them is a platform under the license plate.

The bumper is quite simple. Of the interesting gizmos, only a thin, long air intake can be noted here, the edges of which abut against decorative slots trimmed with chrome. Below all this is a thin plastic layer to protect the engine compartment. Modest cutouts for fog are located nearby.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.

The sides of the new car look much more interesting than before. It is noticeable to the naked eye that this part of the body has been shortened, but has become a little higher. This is especially pronounced on the windows, which have become almost rectangular and can be finished with both chrome and black gloss. Doors look more massive, and, in addition to a smooth relief, contain pretty chrome handles, as well as a strip in the center, visually lengthening the car. Wheel arches have grown slightly, and behind the front you can now find chrome-covered “gills”. Below the same protective layer of plastic is traced.

Feed also changed beyond recognition. It is located almost vertical relative to the road and contains an abundance of decor. At the top of this element contains a large visor, covering a solid-sized rectangular window. Approximately in the middle of the door, there are “chopped” parking lights, complemented by the same sharp relief. This part of the body ends with a huge body kit with a brake signal repeater right in the center, air intake elements on the sides, as well as cutouts for exhaust pipes. Below, as elsewhere, there is a protective layer into which fog lights are integrated here.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.


To talk about the elegance and aesthetics of the interior of the new Mitsubishi ACX 2020 model year would be too bold, but it cannot be blamed for uncomfortability unambiguously. Finishing materials, including eco-leather, plastic and fabrics, do not differ in refinements, but they are quite high-quality. In the same way as the multimedia system, as well as assistant drivers and «chips» designed for passengers.

Interior design

The dashboard looks quite ingenuous and does not attract attention with new technical solutions. A significant part of it is occupied by a block of deflectors and a touch screen in the middle, with which you can configure a lot of the functionality. Then there are several physical keys and washers, and even lower, on the border of the console and the tunnel, you can find washers for adjusting the climate system, as well as a small number of analog switches.

The tunnel is not distinguished by something outstanding. About half of the space here is occupied by gearbox and drive elements. Everything else is a large round recess for glasses and an armrest, in the bowels of which there is a place for a fairly large number of things.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.


The seats are not much different from what can be observed in other models of the company. They will be finished with fabrics and leather, as well as a rather soft filler. Their convenient configuration and large size will easily accommodate passengers of different stature and physique. The front row will receive good support from the sides, comfortable head restraints, heating and the ability to adjust the position using electric drives. Three adult passengers will sit on the back sofa without any problems, plus the seats in this row will be heated.

Mitsubishi ASX 2020.


For the European versions of the 2020 Mitsubishi ASX, a two-liter gasoline-powered engine featuring 150 “horses” will be available. He will be able to work with both a variator and a five-band “handle”. But the drive can be chosen: either front or 4×4.
According to the manufacturer, after the introduction of the car on the conveyor, it will be able to get two more engines, the characteristics of which will be as follows: 1.6-liter with a return of 115 forces or 1.8 for 140 “horses”. It is worth noting that the test drive of the machine has not yet been carried out, and it is in the process of it that it will be possible to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of this model.

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