Mitsubishi L200 2022.

Mitsubishi L200 2022.

Mitsubishi L200 2022.

Mitsubishi L200 2022: stylish pickup with solid off-road potential.

Restyling its most popular models, Japanese Mitsubishi regularly improves quality and consumer characteristics of cars.

The same happened with the most popular Mitsubishi L200 2022 pickup truck, which received noticeable changes in appearance, a more comfortable interior and improved under-hood parameters.

Manufacturers claim that the novelty will be able to compete in the majority of parameters with leading European and Asian automakers, often surpassing them in practicality.

And this means that the hit of last years sales will remain as popular, and quite possibly gain new fans.


Even from the photo it is easy to guess that the car has become more sporty, aggressive and at the same time pragmatic.

Daring relief transitions, ultramodern air intakes and lighting equipment are harmoniously combined with the usual brand decorative elements, creating a recognizable and at the same time standing out in the flow of the image.

The biggest changes are in the face of Mitsubishi L200 2022. It is set at a great height, and in spite of smooth outlines, looks square.

The windshield, relatively small, turns into straight, slightly inclined forward, hood lid with a relief elevation in the center.

Mitsubishi L200 2022.

Immediately in front of it there is a narrow, cunningly squinted head optics, which in the initial versions will be halogen, and in the more expensive ones — LED.

It is like a continuation of the chromed evil grille, the visual center of which is a huge brand badge.

Below begins the bodykit, consisting of a platform for the license plate, a large rectangular air intake, as well as blocks of additional optics, separated from it by intricately curved chrome strips.

The lower part of the new body contains an aerodynamic insert with a powerful protective plate in the center.

The sides of the Japanese look very effective both with or without the rear extension installed.

The uniqueness of this part of the car is the combination of a simple window figure with black plastic trim and glasses of strict shape with rather pretentious relief that ends in the area of massive step and rectangular huge wheel arches.

Large rounded mirrors with turn signal repeaters, bright rims and slightly protruding door handles complete the look.

Mitsubishi L200 2022.

The rear part of the new model begins with a spoiler and rectangular, slightly angled glass of removable superstructure, which changes to a hinged side with vertical LED lights.

Under all this is located a recess for the license plate and a powerful, but not the biggest bumper with a protective insert in the bottom.

The modesty of the design of the dodger is explained by the fact that it is used mainly as a footrest to access the luggage compartment of the car.


Inside the new Mitsubishi L200 2022 model year, everything is made modestly, but quite cozy.

Of the finishing materials, it is worth noting fabrics, eco-leather, several types of plastic and inserts made of metal.

Multimedia complex is not distinguished by a variety of functions, but for a comfortable ride they are quite enough.

Mitsubishi L200 2022.

The design of the front

The central console does not contain an abundance of elements, but simple air ducts, a small display of the entertainment center, a few buttons and a block of climate control settings are present here.

Small steering wheel has a comfortable shape and is trimmed with soft leather, its side spokes contain a large number of all sorts of switches.

It almost does not overlap the well readable dashboard of the classic look with a tachometer, speedometer and on-board computer.

The tunnel is not large, but contains a neat gear selector, a driving mode selector puck, a pair of cup holders and a convenient armrest with a storage compartment in its depths.

Mitsubishi L200 2022.

Seating and luggage compartment

Two-row cabin of the pickup, according to the documents, five seats, but the second row will be more comfortable only for two adults of average build.

The seats are comfortably shaped and have a medium softness filling and are covered with good fabric or eco leather.

The front seats can boast a developed side support, heating and a set of electric adjustments.

Sofa of the second row can also be equipped with these options, but for extra charge, and in the absence of the central passenger — use the folding armrest.

As for the cargo compartment, it can carry loads with a total volume of up to 3,000 liters and a weight of up to 900 kilograms.

Technical Specifications

For the 2022 Mitsubishi L200, the former frame construction was retained, similar to its model of the Padgero Sport.

The dimensions also almost have not changed: the length is 5.22 meters, width 1.82 meters, and height — 1.775 meters.

Ground clearance is also pleasant: it makes solid 200 millimeters.

The power unit will be only one: a 2,4-liter turbodiesel, showing 154 «horsepower» at its peak. In top versions the payoff of this engine increases already to 181 powers.

Transmission is the 6-speed «automatic», and with the younger engine is also available manual with the same number of steps. The drive in all configurations will be all-wheel drive, but the systems themselves will be different in the initial and higher versions.

As shown by test-drive, the car has a modest «appetite» in the range of 7,1-7,5 liters, as well as excellent cross-country ability and load capacity, which allows using a pickup in different road conditions.

Options and Prices

Domestic auto stores model L200 will reach in four configurations. The starting price of the car will be about 2.8 million rubles, in the top the car will cost 3.2 million units of domestic currency.

Competing models

Its compatriots Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hylux, and Volkswagen Amarok and Great Wall Hover will compete with the Japanese for the purse of the buyer.

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