Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

Another restyling of the Japanese hatchback Mitsubishi of the Mirage series can be called cosmetic. According to experts, the new model, called Mitsubishi Mirage 2021, differs from its predecessor in more advanced lens optics, as well as minor changes in the bodywork and the interior interior.

The upgrade has identified itself with an increase in travel comfort for all seats, significant modifications to the suspension and chassis. The new «Mirage» model of 2021 has been modified taking into account the specifics of the South Asian automotive market.


The design of the new version of the five-door hatchback is dominated by a harmonious combination of practicality and functionality.

The new body, modified in several parameters, offers a number of successful design solutions that are fully adapted to the features of the recognizable corporate identity.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

In the photo from different angles, the new generation hatchback looks bright, expressive and a little aggressive. Most of the external decor is traditionally focused on the frontal plane of the case. In stock:

• raised stepped sidewalls of the short bonnet;

• units of front optics combined with running lights and turn signals, with standard halogen or top-end xenon fittings;

• block structure of the X-shaped facing of the radiator and lower air intake.

At the bottom of the front end, the new hatchback features decorative grilles and fog lamps for the side diffusers and a compact metal body kit.

The list of frontal décor includes branded symbols, massive chrome-plated half-perimeters of the side protrusions and a large number of dynamic stepped reliefs.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021 looks stylish and presentable enough in side projection. The novelty of the lineup demonstrates:

• wedge-shaped aerodynamic body configuration;

• black gloss of plastic window trim;

• stepped body relief profiles;

• modern side mirrors with built-in direction indicators;

• shaped casting of 16-inch disks.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

The structural properties of the rear side of the case include the rounded sidewalls of the spoiler visor, compact window panes and the luggage compartment door decorated with the corporate logo and silver nameplate.

Attention is also drawn to the graphics of multifunctional combined lights and a relief body kit made in one block with the bumper.


The budgetary status of the novelty is seen in the standard quality of finishing materials. The list includes fabric, kozhimite, plastic and polished metal accents.

• The front panel is equipped with analog dials of the instrument panel and a small-sized block of the central three-story console.

• It includes a twin set of ventilation deflectors, an 8-inch diagonal of the media-command display and a remote control with analog elements for activating functional and comfort options.

• Tunnel includes a small luggage well, a tech segment with powertrain joystick and a small armrest with an integrated personal storage compartment.

The list and functionality of modern on-board electronics complies with the standards of higher class models.

Already in the basic configuration there are: satellite navigation, traffic monitoring, advanced characteristics of a standard multifunctional media complex.

Service for pilot seats with lateral support elements is typical. Available with mechanical or electrified settings and a heated seat circuit.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

The hatchback is announced as a five-seater car, but this status can be considered conditional, since two riders can sit on the back sofa with nominal comfort.

The small boot volume can be increased by removing the backrests of the second row seats. The spare wheel located in the floor recess does not affect the base capacity of the 235-liter compartment.


The compact outer dimensions of the new generation hatchback, made in the ratios of 3855 x 1665 and 1505 mm, eliminate most of the parking problems, and the 150 mm ground clearance allows you to safely overcome sections of roads with difficult terrain.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021 is equipped with an independent MacPhersonian and semi-independent torsion-spring suspension typical for budget models. The chassis design includes an increased range of automatic braking, a combination of disc and shoe brakes.

Mitsubishi Mirage 2021.

• The power unit consists of a 1.2-liter gasoline engine of the 3A92 brand with an output of 78 hp / 100 Nm and a variator transmission. The main advantage of the drive is the presence of an automatic engine shutdown circuit during long stops and economical, up to 4.4 l / 100 km, fuel consumption.

• The test drive confirmed the manufacturer’s declared maximum speed of 163 km / h, the effectiveness of the emergency braking system, as well as well-coordinated work and excellent interaction of the component equipment.

Options and prices

In the small car market, the new 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage will be presented in two modifications, with a slight difference in interior trim, composition and functionality of accessories.

The starting price of new items starts at 1.2 million yen.

Sales start in Russia

The hatchback is focused on the features and needs of the South Asian and partially European markets, so the release date in Russia will most likely not be indicated.

The domestic market compensates for the shortage of affordable small cars by supplying models of the same type, adapted for operation in difficult weather and climatic conditions.


Compact cars in the entry price range are among the products of few car brands.

The number of real competitors has been stable over the past years. Their status is claimed by analogs such as the Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Nissan March X, Seat Ibiza or Toyota Corona Premio.

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