Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

The Japanese model’s current body design became obsolete long ago. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Japanese manufacturer plans to update it.

Judging by first renderings, future Pajero will be more powerful and larger than its predecessor.

The Japanese model, in fact, will turn into an off-road variant of the minivan Delica D:5, which is in high demand in Asian markets.

In general, Mitsubishi unexpectedly decided to stop production of the Pajero, as back in November 2013 was shown a prototype of the fifth generation SUV.

However, he did not go into production. This decision was made due to the lack of sufficient funding for the project.

And this despite the fact that the Pajero as a whole was considered one of the best SUVs of all time.

Mitsubishi has sold more than 3,3 million copies in the 39-year history of the car. And in recent years the manufacturer annually made about 50 thousand units of Pajero.

Probably, updated Mitsubishi Pajero 2022-2023 will keep the same characteristic features, which were characteristic of all its predecessors.

First of all it concerns the frame construction, providing high safety level.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

Most likely, it will be strengthened by using stronger steel alloys.

This solution will help to significantly reduce the weight of the car, which will have a positive impact on fuel efficiency and road performance.

It is not excluded that the changes made will once again lead to a lower center of gravity, due to which the stability will increase.

This decision is all the more likely if you consider the increased popularity of city cars.

The new Pajero should be based on the platform from the actual version of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup.

This architecture is used in all recent all-terrain models of the Japanese brand.

It means that in front the future Pajero will have multilever independent suspension, and behind — continuous axle with springs.

And their adjustments should be adapted to regular running in the limits of a city.

In this connection, it can not be excluded that the updated Pajero will receive pneumatic suspension, able to change depending on the condition of the road.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

In favor of the assumption made testifies the fact that similar solutions are gradually introduced in classic SUVs.

From L200 pickup the new Mitsubishi Pajero 2022-2023 will pass both all-wheel-drive transmission Easy-Select and Super Select.

The first option provides a constant torque transfer to the rear axle.

The traction to the front wheels comes at the expense of forced closure of the clutch, which is installed on one of the drive shafts.

At the same time Pajero with Easy-Select transmission will be deprived of an inter-axle differential.

This type of all-wheel drive has a simple design, which increases its service life.

But this option is more suitable for cars that constantly drive off-road.

Therefore, when buying a new Pajero, which will also be frequently operated in the city, it is better to choose the option with the Super Select transmission.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

Despite the fact that this version of the SUV will be more expensive, it will be more versatile.

The Super Select transmission will include an inter-axle differential, which will be built into the transfer case, and a viscous clutch (or viscocoupling).

This construction provides an automatic redistribution of torque between the axles depending on the current load.

That is the Pajero with the system Super Select can be driven on asphalt roads with all-wheel drive connected for a long time.

The base transmission supports three driving options, including a downshift, the inclusion of which improves the off-road capability.

The Super Select system features an extended range of control. This transmission supports two additional modes.

In one of them the torque is transmitted to all wheels through an increased range with the inter-axle differential blocked.

This mode allows driving on country roads at speeds up to 100 km/h.

In the second case, the transfer case includes a lower row, and the inter-axle differential is also blocked.

That is, after the change of generations, the new Mitsubishi Pajero 2022-2023 will become easier to cope with different types of off-road. At the same time it will «feel» better in conditions of constant operation on smooth asphalt.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2023.

About the technical part of the new Pajero it is too early to speak. But in case the SUV returns to Russia, it should also borrow the engine range from the pickup.

It means that standard new Pajero will be equipped with 2,4-liter turbodiesel with maximum capacity of 154 hp, and for extra fee it will be offered with more powerful version of this unit developing up to 181 hp.

It is possible that the engine range will be changed in favor of a more advanced motor. In this role was recently presented 2.5-liter turbodiesel, which develops up to 136 or 178 hp. This engine is combined with a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Change of the platform will positively affect not only running performance, but also the appearance of a new Pajero. Japanese SUV will become larger than its predecessor by all parameters.

The novelty will have firm for last models of Mitsubishi a huge grille which is visually united with very narrow head optics. Its functions are partially executed by the big block of additional lights, built in on sides of a front bumper.

The skeleton of the new Pajero will remain with a full-size wheel. But its cover of Japanese model is as if a natural continuation of the body. This decision makes the new Pajero stand out from the potential competitors with a similar stern design. Also, the Japanese model has acquired the original rear optics, visually reminiscent of the one used by Volvo on its crossovers.

Besides strengthening body structure Mitsubishi Company when preparing Pajero new generation should expand safety complex. The SUV will be equipped with advanced directional stabilization system with the function of wheel slip prevention.

Together with it the improved driving assistants, which facilitate driving on slopes, will be offered. Besides, the safety complex will include recently appeared on Mitsubishi models systems of trailer stabilization and dynamic redistribution of traction vector with brakes.

That is the Pajero, despite increase in number of electronic equipment, still will leave the right to the driver to decide how the automobile should behave in certain situations. This feature of classic SUVs attracts many drivers.

As for the interior, the new Mitsubishi Padgero 2022-2023 will have at least seven seats inside. But the interior design is still hidden. Moreover, it’s hard to guess now in what style the interior of the new Pajero will be designed.

The likelihood that the design of the SUV will be «copied» from the last L200, is small, as the interior of the pickup looks a little bit outdated today.

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