Moskvich Yauza 2023.

Moskvich Yauza 2023.

Moskvich Yauza 2023.

A brand new crossover Moskvich «Yauza» 2023 has been presented: it has what the Hyundai Tucson lacks.

The presentation of the model range of the revived Moskvich brand took place in summer.

On the show were some cars which turned out to be JAC products.

Almost immediately after that KamAZ announced that they were not talking about copying anything from China.

However, this message was probably due to the fact that the information about Moskvich models accidentally hit the media: the parties involved in the revival of the Soviet brand, did not originally planned to disclose the data.

That is, in fact, the Moscow Automobile Plant in the development of new cars will use exactly JAC products as prototypes.

This assumption is confirmed by another fact. The Chinese company has transferred license rights to Sollers for the production of commercial vehicles and vans Sunray.

At the same time JAC has previously launched an assembly of the model on the Kazakh plant. In this way Chinese company, apparently, shows its desire to increase its share of the Russian market.

Therefore it is ready to share its technology with domestic producers. In this regard, cooperation between JAC and Moskvich is becoming more and more likely.

Moskvich Yauza 2023.

In turn, the Moskvich automobile plant earlier announced plans to create several crossovers and at least one electric car.

Should cooperation between JAC and Moskvich really take place, the Moscow plant is likely to launch production of rebranded Sehol cars.

This brand is not yet present on the Russian market.

Taking into account the above said, it turns out that a modified JAC Sehol X4 crossover will soon appear in our country.

Moskvich Yauza 2023.

The reason why exactly this model should be put into production at Moscow automobile plant is because it is presented in two modifications: with an internal combustion engine and with an electric one.

That is, JAC Sehol X4 (the electric version is Sehol E40X) completely corresponds to Moskvich’s current development plans.

At the same time the Chinese model even in the electric version is cheap.

This means that after the localization of the production the Russian model based on the Chinese one will be relatively affordable for a wide audience.

Moskvich Yauza 2023.

Moreover, the Sehol X4 was shown during the presentation of the new Moskvich.

It should also be noted that the Chinese model has previously been caught by cameras on Russian roads. That is, JAC has already done some work to adapt the crossover for our market.

Despite the fact that this information has not yet been officially confirmed, the domestic designer has already presented how the Russian crossover will look.

Instead of the Chinese model, the domestic market will get a compact parquet car Moskvich «Yauza» 2023.

The length of the Russian crossover will be 4410 mm (according to other reports — 4400 mm), width — 1800 mm, height — 1660 mm.

Moskvich Yauza 2023.

The distance between the wheel axles will reach 2620 mm. The electric version of the crossover has similar dimensions, the production of which should also be established at the Moscow Automobile Plant.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the new «Yauza» will be a good fit for the Russian market. The prototype of the model presented in China is estimated at the equivalent of 750 thousand rubles.

After localization of the production it may cost up to a million rubles. But even in this case the Moskvich «Yauza» will be the cheapest crossover in the Russian market.

This, combined with the absence of competitors (recall that the Kaptur has left Russia, and the Qashqai and a number of other parkettes are not produced) will make the presented model a bestseller.

As a result, by localizing the production of «Yauza», the Moscow Automobile Plant will be able to recoup all costs in a short period of time.

Despite the fact that the Chinese model needs to be adapted to the Russian market, the presented novelty will be almost a full copy of its prototype.

During the development of the Moskvich «Yauza» engineers will not make significant changes to its design, as this will have to postpone the start of production, which in conditions of prolonged idle time is not beneficial for the Moscow Automobile Plant.

The modernization will also significantly increase the cost of the car. And this, in turn, will force Moskvich to increase the prices of the serial version of the crossover, which is likely to have a negative impact on sales.

As already noted, visually the new Moskvich «Yauza» 2023 will be almost a full copy of the JAC Sehol X4.

Russian model will get thin headlights, connected with a decorative metal insert, which overlaps the vent under the hood.

In front of it will be placed a large bumper, which contains two air intakes, giving it an aggressive look.

Behind the novelty there will be long and narrow LED headlights with teardrop-shaped «offshoot» on the type that FAW uses on the latest crossovers of Bestune family.


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