New Alfa Tauri.

New Alfa Tauri.

New Alfa Tauri.

Team Alfa Tauri has unveiled its car for the 2022 Formula 1 season.

The presentation was quite curious — the car surprised with its livery, as well as the design of the nose fairing.

F1 teams continue to show their cars for the new season.

The presentation of the Alfa Tauri car took place on Monday, February 14. This year will be for the team to work from scratch. And it’s not only about the change of technical regulations.

The team’s engine company Honda has decided to leave the Royal race.

New Alfa Tauri.

And in the «Alfa Tauri» were able to surprise. The most curious part of the new AT03 was an innovative front wing.

In Formula 1 cars, it consists of a number of plates. All previously presented cars have chosen traditional attachment of the nose to the second plate, but in «Alfa Tauri» decided to make the attachment on the first plate.

Very curious to see how this will affect the pace of the new car.

The combination of colors of the car looks very effective — it is a noble gray and classic white.

Designers managed to play on the contrast and at the same time to combine colors. There is no bright neon inserts, as in the «Aston Martin», however, looks great car.

Last season, the Italian team finished in 6th position in the Constructors’ Cup, losing just a little to the Alpine.

New Alfa Tauri.

The new Alfa Tauri car surprised with its nose. But at least it’s nice that the car is a real one.

The season of Formula 1 presentations continues. After Haas, Red Bull, Aston Martin and McLaren held their own event in Alfa Tauri.

Italians, unlike the main team of «bulls», did not deceive fans and showed a realistic race car 2022, not livery based on last year’s «dummy» from Formula 1.

No big event was held, but judging by the photos of the car, it is not a repainted show car, but a real bolide AT03.

«Alfa Tauri was the latest team to unveil its new 2022 Formula One car, which has been indexed «AT03,» with a modified livery of its now traditional dark blue and white colors.

New Alfa Tauri.

«Alfa Tauri, entering its third year after being rebranded as a Red Bull apparel company, will have an ongoing partnership with racers Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda.

Gasly finished ninth in last year’s world championship and won the only podium for Alfa Tauri in Azerbaijan.

Tsunoda endured an at times difficult campaign as a rookie, but was retained for 2022 and finished his first year with a career-best fourth place in Abu Dhabi.

New Alfa Tauri.

The AT03 car will again be powered by Honda powertrains, but now under the Red Bull Powertrains banner, following the Japanese brand’s official departure from the world championship.

«Alfa Tauri had its strongest campaign in its history in terms of points in 2021 with 142 points, matching its best result of sixth place in the Constructors’ Cup.

«Williams should be the next team to unveil its new FW44 car on Tuesday, Feb. 15.

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