New Citroen DS3 2023.

New Citroen DS3 2023.

New Citroen DS3 2023.

The Citroen DS3 2023 is a compact 3-door B-class hatchback produced by a separate division of the French company.

The car has been on the market since 2009 and underwent a belated restyling in 2016, during which it began to be produced under a separate DS brand.

Since 2017, the model is available on the Russian market, but, frankly, this model is of interest only to connoisseurs of the French car industry.

The DS3 can be considered a small car, because in Russia it is only available with a 1.2-liter turbo engine and an automatic transmission.

Here it is offered in three options with a minimum and maximum price of 1,255,000 to 1,405,000 rubles. The model is manufactured exclusively in France, from where it is exported all over the world.

The classmates of the French premium are the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the Audi A1, and the Mini Cooper S.

There is no need to talk about a new body for the Citroen DS3 2023. Most likely, the manufacturer will remove this model from production due to unsatisfactory sales volume and gravitation of buyers to crossovers.

Most likely, that’s why the prices for the car are at a fairly low level.

The options, as well as technical specifications have also not changed since 2017, as well as the design of the DS3, which can be assessed by the photo illustrating this article.


Although the Citroen DS3 has not been updated since 2017, its exterior design still looks very attractive.

As a typical representative of urban compacts, the «Frenchman» got a rather muscular and battered body.

New Citroen DS3 2023.

Contrastingly painted and always with a dark top, from a certain angle creates the appearance of not just a «soaring roof», but a real convertible.

Rather unusual looks the location of LED parking lights vertically, in the very edges of the bumper.

At the bottom of the doors there are moldings, which in certain versions are trimmed with chrome, adding premium quality to the DS3.

The interior of the car is exaggerated in French manner. Traditionally for similar models, the analogue instrument panel does not have a sensor of heating-water temperature indication.

The compact display of a multimedia system is located on the central console; it is touch screen, but looks out-of-date.

New Citroen DS3 2023.

The control unit of the climate system can seem unusual for those, who have not driven Citroen automobiles before.

Despite the fact that formally the car is considered as 5-seater, the rear row of seats can be comfortable only for not the biggest people.

Technical parameters

The global engine range of the Citroen DS3 2023 is quite diverse. It includes both petrol and diesel power units.

However, in Russia it is available only with one 3-cylinder turbo petrol PureTech engine.

With a capacity of 1.2 liters it produces 110 hp and 205 N*m of torque, front wheel drive only, the power to which is transmitted by an automatic transmission with 6 gears.

New Citroen DS3 2023.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 10.6 seconds, while the maximum speed is at 190 km/h.

The manufacturer claims average fuel consumption of 4.6 km per 100 km, which is an excellent result.

In Europe, the compact is also available with two 1.6-liter engines and several diesel engines with outputs ranging from 90 to 210 hp.

To reduce the production cost it was decided to install semi-independent rear suspension with a torsion beam on the rear axle.

In front all is standard — the independent McPherson design.

New Citroen DS3 2023.

The braking system is completely disk, with ventilated mechanisms in front. The compact B-class hatchback has the following body dimensions:

length — 3948 mm;
width — 1717 mm;
height — 1458 mm;
Wheelbase length — 2464 mm;
ground clearance — 130 mm.

At the same time the car is quite heavy, its mass is 1165 kg, while the maximum permissible mass is 1615 kg.

For convenience when turning the steering wheel is set electric booster with the system of change of transmission ratio.

Despite the fact that this model is focused more on the younger generation, it has an impressive, for this class trunk — 285 liters.

Thus, it is possible to increase it up to 980 liters, having folded backs of a back row of seats. The DS3 has one of the smallest turning radiuses not only in a segment, but also in general among cars, it is 5,1 meters.

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