New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022. A new «little» Ferrari Daytona SP3 for 1.2 million rubles was presented. It appeared thanks to the Amalgam Collection.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a car that very few of us have ever seen in person, let alone owned.

Thanks to the designers, engineers and artists at Amalgam Collection, at least a few people will have the opportunity to feel the power of an extremely rare Ferrari supercar, albeit in 1:8 scale.

Amalgam Collection, known for producing some of the most detailed car replicas, is currently working on adding the Ferrari Daytona SP3 sports car to its portfolio.

Unveiled the other day as a prototype model, the exterior, interior, and engine compartment have been carefully recreated, and the level of detail exceeds all expectations.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

The front end has a matching mesh grille with a hexagonal pattern.

The steering wheel with paddle shifters perfectly mirrors the texture of the original and even the door locks function perfectly.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

Under the hood cover, the Daytona SP3 V12 powertrain is extremely accurately made.

The hose clamps, nuts and bolts, and extra mesh grilles for the various openings in the engine compartment have been worked to perfection.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

Small spacers hold the engine cover open, and the family-style «stack» of horizontal crossbars that form the texture of the rear of the SP3 is perfectly aligned.

Even though everything is done in a dull white color, the prototype looks ready to go.

Reportedly, the prototype model shown was completed in June of this year and approved by Ferrari’s designers.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

The details of the original car are currently being finalized and will include Amalgam designs.

When the Daytona SP3 is complete, it will be produced in quantities of only 199.

Information about the price of the new sports car has not yet been announced, but it should be noted that Amalgam’s offer is not cheap either.

New Ferrari Daytona SP3 2022.

The prototype of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 in 1:8 scale is currently selling for 20,000 USD (approx. 1,201,500 rubles).

But for those who have the means to enjoy such an automobile masterpiece, the company offers to make a pre-order on the Amalgam website.


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