New Kia Carens 2022.

New Kia Carens 2022.

New Kia Carens 2022.

New Kia Carens 2022: The three-row crossover based on the Seltos is launched in India.

Kia has developed a new Carens for the Indian market. Previously Koreans used this name for a compact van, which was produced since 1999 and during this time has managed to change three generations.

However, in 1920-18 the model was removed from the assembly line, and at that has not received an heir.

The company decided that it is not worth losing such a name and assigned it to the new Indian crossover.

However, KIA Carens 2022 is not a full-fledged crossover and it has features of a compact van.

This car is not built from scratch — the KIA Seltos was taken as a basis.

However, the Indian model has got a completely original appearance, though some of the solutions for sure will be taken over by the restyled Seltos.

The automobile has aggressive front end with two-storey head optics, ideally round outlines of wheel arches and effective pointed plafonds of rear lamps which are also united with each other by glowing line.

Interior of the crossover is also own. Laconic front panel here is under the single visor, and in the center of the digital dashboard is placed a small color screen.

 New Kia Carens 2022.

Parkette has a modern multimedia system, the diagonal of the display which can be 8.0 or 10.25 inches (depending on the configuration).

Note that the Kia Carens 2022 is a three-row crossover with seven or six seats: its second row can be equipped with either a three-seat couch or two separate seats with adjustable tilt of backs and individual armrests.

Folding tables and a separate climate control panel are also available for second row for an extra charge.

All-terrain vehicle achieves a length of 4 540 mm (+ 170 mm compared with Seltos), and its wheelbase is 2 780 mm (+ 150).

Body width remained at the same level (1,800 mm), but the height of the crossover grew to 1,700 mm (+ 85).

 New Kia Carens 2022.

Ground clearance is claimed to be 195 millimeters. The power units of the model are the same as on the Seltos for the Indian market.

This means that you can order a 1.5-liter atmospheric engine (115 hp), a 1.4-liter turbo engine (140 hp) and a 1.5-liter turbodiesel (115 hp).

All these engines are paired with a six-speed manual, but the cars with a turbocharged engine have iMT gearbox by default, which has no mechanical connection of the pedal to the clutch.

Specifically, the variant with an atmospheric can be ordered with a variator, and for cars with a gasoline turbo-motor a seven-band preselective robot is available.

In turn, a classical six-speed automatic is offered as an alternative for a turbo diesel.

 New Kia Carens 2022.

At the same time all versions of the model have front-wheel drive without exception.

Equipment of the «Indian» crossover is rich enough: the base stabilization system and six airbags at once.

Bose audio system, ventilation of front seats, engine start button and contour lighting (64 colors) are available as options.

 New Kia Carens 2022.

Series production of the Kia Karens 2022 with new body will be localized in India at the same plant where they assemble seltos now.

On the local market, sales of the car will start at the beginning of the twenty-second, but prices have not yet been announced.

Over time, the model will appear in some other markets in the Asian region, but it is unlikely to become global.

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