New MG Mulan 2023.

New MG Mulan 2023.

New MG Mulan 2023.

The new MG Mulan is preparing for the start of pre-orders. The estimated cost of the powerful hatchback — 1.7 million rubles.

In foreign media reported that the MG Mulan 2023 will be available for booking on August 27 in China.

The model will debut at the show in Chengdu, which will open its doors on August 26.

The car is equipped with a SAIC «Cube» battery pack and a new electric drive system.

The cost of the model is expected to be below 1.74 million in ruble terms.

Externally, the electric hatchback looks sporty, trying on the new design style of the MG brand.

The front optics are represented by narrowed and long headlights with smooth lines.

The spectacular headlights, made in the form of willow leaves, accentuate the bumps on the hood, which together with the facets of the lower trim form an X-shaped configuration.

The lower part of the bumper features a three-stage air intake.

New MG Mulan 2023.

A few shovel-shaped front edge adds dynamism to the hatchback’s appearance.

The sides of the car are distinguished by expressive chisels and black overlays at the bottom.

The wheel disks with complex pattern and a «floating» roof also attract attention.

The stern of the new MG Mulan, however, is not devoid of original solutions.

New MG Mulan 2023.

Voluminous rear lights with glossy black inset became a striking element.

They took a Y-shaped and united by an LED strip, which goes to the center, where the logo of the brand is located on the black insert.

Also unusual looks a large split spoiler on the roof and rather compact glazing.

Body dimensions: 4.28/1.83/1.51 meters with a wheelbase of 2.7 meters.

New MG Mulan 2023.

The interior is made in three colors, combining light and dark gray shades, as well as black. A minimalistic style with straight lines reigns here.

In the center there is a «hovering» display of the media system of small size, an even more compact digital «dashboard» screen, which is installed in a small niche, and a thin steering wheel has a beveled lower part.

As for the technical characteristics, the «Mulan» is equipped with a synchronous engine with permanent magnets.

New MG Mulan 2023.

Its output is 449 hp with a torque value of 600 Nm. The car is distinguished by good dynamics: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is performed in just 3.8 seconds.

It has a rear-wheel drive architecture. The hatchback can travel 520 kilometers on the CLTC without charging. In Europe, the novelty is presented under the name MG 4.

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