New Renault Kaptur 2022.

New Renault Kaptur 2022.

New Renault Kaptur 2022.

Renault has created the perfect crossover: Europeans have not found any disadvantages in the new Kaptur 2022.

Renault Kaptur is known abroad as Captur. The difference in modifications of the French model is only in a name.

Kaptur and Captur have the same equipment, appearance, interior and specifications.

At the same time the first model, according to Renault, has been further adapted for Russia.

Therefore it is not surprising that domestic drivers received a lot of positive feedback regarding Kaptur.

But, as it turns out, in India and Europe also believe that Renault managed to create the perfect urban crossover.

After the Renault Kaptur 2022 received a design update last year, this model has rightfully taken its place among modern, beautiful and relatively inexpensive crossovers.

Of course, if you put it next to an expensive SUV or sports car, the comparison will not be in favor of the Kaptur, but still, the novelty looks good, and you’re certainly not ashamed to take pictures of it for your instagram profile.

Recognizable multi-spoke wheels, high landing, short hood and huge cabin — this is what distinguishes the Kaptur from the competitors from the outside.

And inside it is even better. The futuristic dashboard, which combines analog and digital instruments, catches the eye at once.

There is a capacious glove compartment, and a real surprise — a separate drawer for a smartphone.

New Renault Kaptur 2022.

The car will certainly suit the taste of family people, as the cross is equipped with a huge luggage compartment of 387 liters, and if you fold the rear seats, the volume will exceed 1200 liters.

Length — 4333 mm
width — 1813 mm
Height — 1613 mm
Wheelbase — 2673 mm
Ground clearance — 205 mm


For this compact crossover the French carmaker has prepared updated petrol atmospheric units with volume of 1,6 and 2,0 liters.

In terms of construction, these are very simple engines with output of 114 and 143 hp respectively.

New Renault Kaptur 2022.

The French have chosen exactly these engines for a reason: exploitation of diesels in Russia is difficult because of poor fuel quality, peculiar climatic conditions, and our compatriots still have no confidence in turbocharged engines of small volume.

Therefore, the manufacturer decided to give preference to powertrains that have already proven themselves on its other models.

This gasoline engine is a highly modified version of the K4M, which was presented back in 2006.

It is lighter than many of its competitors due to the fact that the manufacturer used aluminum instead of cast iron for the cylinder block.

The basis for the timing was the chain that many of our compatriots love, which has gained confidence due to its strength and durability. But it has one significant disadvantage — you can not allow its stretching.

This power unit is fully compliant with the environmental standard EURO-5, and is noticeably ahead of its predecessor in power and fuel consumption.

New Renault Kaptur 2022.

The engine is equipped with a modern system, which is responsible for changing the timing of gas distribution, on the exhaust shaft there is a phase shifter, as well as an electronic throttle valve.

The manufacturer’s declared engine life is 250 thousand km.

The two-liter version of the engine is able to develop 143 hp.

For reasons we don’t understand, in more powerful version the material for the cylinder block has become cast iron, and for the timing mechanism the manufacturer has decided to use the belt, but not the chain as in the younger model.

But here there are hydro-compensators, allowing to get rid of the need to adjust the valves.

The engine consumption in the mixed cycle is about 10 liters per 100 km. Operating life of the two-liter version of the ICE for some reason is not declared, but as practice shows, such units are usually able to pass about 250-300 thousand kilometers.

New Renault Kaptur 2022.

For the reliability of suspension are responsible proprietary MacPherson struts, which have long proven themselves in Renault cars as particularly durable parts, which are not afraid of Russian roads.

With the front-wheel drive version, the rear suspension has a semi-independent design, and in the case of the four-wheel drive, a multilever mechanism is installed.

The all-wheel drive system has three modes of operation: 2WD — drive on the front wheels, 4WD Lock, which distributes the torque equally between the two axles, and Auto — this mode selects the settings automatically, depending on the quality of the road surface.

In addition, the manufacturer announced additional chassis settings and electromechanical power steering.

Renault Kaptur will please our compatriots with increased ground clearance, which is 205 mm, and excellent angles of departure and exit — 31 and 20 degrees, respectively.

Dimensions of the body have not changed, the car has the same length as before — 4.33 meters, width 181 cm and height 161 cm. The length of the wheelbase remains unchanged, which is 2673 mm.

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