New UAZ Patriot 2022.

New UAZ Patriot 2022.

New UAZ Patriot 2022.

All you need to know about the new UAZ Patriot 2022 — the latest news.

Some interesting developments that directly relate to the UAZ Patriot 2022.

First of all, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant continues to stay «afloat» in a difficult financial situation.

This is evidenced by the sales results for January. According to the published information UAZ has increased its sales volumes by 2% compared to the same period last year.

However, in quantitative terms this achievement looks insignificant.

For the first month of 2022 dealers have sold a total of 1325 UAZ vehicles.

A year earlier over the same period, 20 fewer vehicles were sold. For example, «Avtovaz», which closed the first month with losses of -17% sold over 18 thousand cars.

The Patriot, as before, remains the flagship model for UAZ. In January it was bought by 488 people.

In comparison with results of last January sales of the off-road car have grown by 26 %. The reasons for such a surge in demand have not yet been announced.

New UAZ Patriot 2022.

At the same time UAZ is still avoiding questions about the future of the Patriot.

In particular, on the official pages in social networks, representatives of the Russian brand do not give any exact answers to consumer questions.

This indirectly indicates that UAZ is still in a «suspended» state.

Almost a month after the first reports about Chery becoming a partner of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant appeared, this situation has not developed further.

New UAZ Patriot 2022.

At least this information has not been confirmed by the Chinese company.

It is more likely that Chery, as many analysts assumed, only declared its intentions to become a partner of UAZ.

But the Chinese company will not start production of its own models at the Ulyanovsk auto plant.

There may be many reasons for this: from the unstable financial situation in Russia to the fact that the Chery management is satisfied with the current volume of car sales in our country.

New UAZ Patriot 2022.

It is possible that in spring or summer the situation with the future of UAZ will become clearer. However, the company may face additional problems.

The new sanctions imposed on Russia by the West cast doubt on the likelihood of the Patriot SUV appearing on the American market.

Recall that at the end of last year it became known that the car would soon debut in the United States, where it was planned to be sold as the Bremach 4×4.

The Russian SUV was to be supplied to the U.S. market by the company with the same name. The start of sales was planned for early spring 2022.

New UAZ Patriot 2022.

Despite the name change, Bremach 4×4 does not differ from Patriot in the top version.

Off-roader, designed for the U.S. market, is equipped with the same «atmospheric» 2.7 liter engine, the maximum output of which in Russia is limited to 150 hp.

For the U.S. dealer prepared the SUV only with an automatic transmission for 6 speeds, which is relatively recently installed on the Patriot.

According to preliminary information, the Bremach 4×4 will differ from the Russian model with a number of settings of major components and onboard electronics.

But there is no official confirmation of this information. It is said that Bremach 4×4 will be priced at $26.4 thousand. The car will have a 5-year warranty.

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