NIO ES6 2023.

NIO ES6 2023.

NIO ES6 2023.

The high-tech crossover NIO ES6 appeared at Russian dealers: specifications, equipment and prices are revealed.

The electric crossover NIO ES6 of the Chinese brand is available in Russia at a price of about 9 million rubles.

A dealer from the Chelyabinsk region offers the NIO ES6 2023 car for purchase. We are talking about an all-wheel drive version with a powerful engine.

At home, the SUV in the Performance configuration is valued at 4.9 million in ruble terms.

We have a technological «battery» cross is offered for the amount of 8.9 million rubles.

The all-wheel drive cross is equipped with an engine with a return of 544 hp. and a torque of 725 Nm.

The transmission unit is equipped, in turn, with an automatic transmission. The car has two driving axles.

As for the dimensions of the novelty, it can be compared with the Bavarian crossover from BMW — X5.

NIO ES6 2023.

The length of the car reaches 4.85 meters. The width and height are 1.965 and 1.731 meters.

The wheelbase reaches 2.9 meters. Other information about the novelty is also known.

So, the crossover has good dynamics, being able to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds.

NIO ES6 2023.

Speed ceiling — 200 km / h. The car can travel a distance of 610 km without recharging.

The list of integrated features of the model includes a surround view system, adaptive cruise control, monitoring of «blind» zones, a choice of driving modes, a parking complex, a collision avoidance function, contactless access to the car, a premium audio system, and more.

NIO ES6 2023.

A more comfortable crossover is made by heated seats in the front row and steering wheel.

The ventilation function for the driver and passenger seats is also declared.

Climate control in two zones is responsible for a comfortable atmosphere in the cabin.

The infotainment system is represented by an LCD display, and instrument readings are displayed on an electronic “tidy”.

NIO ES6 2023.

Recently it became known that the company «Audi» won a lawsuit against the startup NIO.

The lawsuit arose due to the consonance of the name of the models of the Chinese brand and the German brand, which could lead to the association of cars from two different companies.

However, the manufacturer from China does not agree with this, since the confusion of models from the Celestial Empire with Audi is unlikely.

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