Nissan Almera 2020.

Nissan Almera 2020...

Nissan Almera 2020.

Nissan Almera 2020 — the upgraded 4th generation sedan.
In 2020, the budget segment of sedans will be replenished with a new product from Nissan — the 4th generation Almera with a factory index of N18. By the way, in some countries, for example, America, he is known as Versa. The car received a new set of power units, another transmission and a price tag.

Immediately make a reservation that the sedan will be sold only in Southeast Asia. Even most of the photos were taken against a beach with palm trees.
Neither in Russia nor in America will it be. At us, Nissan was engaged in the production of Almer at AvtoVAZ’s facilities, but technically it was a completely different car. Now in Russia, the brand will focus on the production of crossovers.

Nissan Almera 2020.


The new Almera 2020 model year is significantly higher in cost than its American counterpart, although both cars are assembled on the same platform. The increased cost was explained by a more technological engine and transmission.

The power unit is made in the best traditions of the Asian market — small, productive and economical. The novelty will be offered with only one 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with turbine support. Maximum output — 100 hp at 152 Hm.

The kit comes with an X-tronic CVT with simulated gears. In this regard, a complete set with a mechanic or an automatic machine is also not provided. Consumption — 4.3 liters per hundred. Plus, the engine complies with Euro 5 environmental standards.

By the way, about the platform. The 4th generation is built on a truck from Renault. In this regard, the Japanese have been cooperating with the French for more than a year, so there is nothing surprising in this. It also produces the same budget crossover Nissan Kids. The suspension is presented by two MacPhersons in front and a beam in the back.

Nissan Almera 2020..

The basic equipment will not offer anything good by modern standards — an on-board computer, 2 airbags, power accessories, air conditioning and ABS.

But the top version shows a good filling:

virtual tidy (only the left part),
leather steering wheel
cornering stabilization,
6 pillows
climate control,
multimedia with an 8-inch screen,
voice control,
Support for Apple and Android.
Plus factory with buttons and 360 view.

Nissan Almera 2020...


Look at the Nissan Almera N18 does not claim to be anything more than a budget segment. In some ways, it resembles the first Aveo or Solaris. The usual compact sedan with a small width and standard height.

Length, mm — 4495
Width, mm — 1740
Height, mm — 1460
Wheelbase (mm) — 2620

At the same time, the body is more accurate and, if you look closely, you can see that the Japanese, as always, are more attentive to details than their Korean friends. On the front, the 4th generation is very presentable and many times better than the Russian model, which claimed a higher class.

The front part is met by a rolling hood with two stamped ribs turning into a V-shaped chrome molding of the radiator grill. More inconspicuous sections focus on elongated optics.

By the way, LEDs are not provided in any configuration. Bumper architecture with a hint of sport. Niches with rectangular foglights blend in harmoniously against the background of similar headlights.

So successfully starting with the front end, the designers managed to spoil the profile. The ribs on the doors, the transitions to the convex wheel arches and the shape of the glass frame on the rear doors clearly will not appeal to customers. The wheels are represented by 15-inch wheels «under the plastic.»

Nothing special behind. Bullied feed with a shockproof shield on the bottom, a sadly sticking exhaust sticking out below and horizontally elongated dimensions that can be observed on some Solaris.

Nissan Almera 2020


Almer’s cabin shows that they tried. But a clear budget framework did not allow to disperse the planned potential. Therefore, in the end, we have a similar Aveo interior.

On the dashboard there is a large light shield with an 8-inch screen in the center, below the audio system, followed by a slightly variator unit pulled upwards, falling into the cup holders block and armrest.

Ventilation deflectors are located on the sides, rather massive handles with a block of power window buttons are located on the door cards. The dashboard was hidden in a traditional visor. Multifunction got a small metal pad.

The front seats and the rear sofa repeat the two-tone design of the torpedo with sewn-in two-tone inserts. Sheathing itself is represented by fabric, plastic and meager leather inserts. Seats do not cause any interest. In general, the 4th generation is a standard budget. The useful volume of the luggage compartment is 416 liters. That’s the whole salon.


The southeastern part of the continent in recent years has been extremely attractive to many manufacturers. The welfare of the population is growing, which means that it is time to buy a car.

Thais and their neighbors in this price range will be able to additionally look at Toyota Vios, Jetta VA3, Hyundai, with their eternal Solaris (called Verna in Thailand) and Kia Optima (the basic equipment will cost a little more).

Price and sales start date

The debut of the Nissan Almera took place on November 14. The show was held in Thailand — the heart of the future place of production and market.

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