Nissan Aria 2020.

Nissan Aria 2020.

Nissan Aria 2020.

Nissan Aria 2020 — what will be the first electric SUV.
Nissan now has really serious problems with sales, which began after the loud resignation of the CEO.

In this regard, the concert is going to urgently switch to new tracks. To understand the scale of the problems, it is enough to look at the losses in net profit, which now amount to as much as 95%. So the company will have to revise not only its entire lineup, but also significantly cut production and staff.

Nissan Aria 2020.

The first sign of change was the star of the Tokyo Auto Show, which took place on October 23rd. The Japanese showed the concept of their new electric train, called Ariya 2020.

He is unlikely to replace the hit of sales in the person of Leaf. Rather, on the contrary, its task is to expand the range of electric cars. What interesting things the guys from Nissan have prepared, see below.


Unfortunately, as is often the case with concepts, the technical parameters were not given much attention. At the moment, very little is known. Crossover Nissan Ariya 2020 was developed on a completely new platform called CMF-EV, which will be used for future electric cars of the brand.

The CMF-EV includes two electric motors on each axle. This already suggests that the Aria will be all-wheel drive. In terms of power, the figure was 435 hp. from both engines.

Acceleration to hundreds was 5 seconds. The batteries have been designed with water cooling. The capacity was not announced, but they remembered that the cruising range, according to tests, was 600 km on a single charge.

Nissan Aria 2020.

Also at the presentation it was emphasized that the novelty will be high-tech. What exactly was meant by these, so far you can guess. However, it was mentioned that from the «high» technologies Aria will delight the second generation of the ProPilot 2.0 autopilot (so far only the first generation on all new products), which will continue to keep the car within the same lane, calculate and keep the distance with other road users.

At the same time, unlike the first generation, it will finally be possible to remove the hands from the steering wheel (before the buzzer worked), but you will not be able to sleep, as some Tesla owners do.

A special camera will follow the driver’s eyes.
Additionally, a high-tech navigator was sounded, which will work in conjunction with an autopilot. It is enough to put a point on the smartphone and Aria will lay the route herself and follow it. The SUV can also park itself.

Nissan Aria 2020.


Most of all at the auto show they paid attention to the appearance of the Ariya 2020 model year. Nissan has revised its lineup design policy, the brand said. Now a greater bias will be made towards the smoothness and harmony of the lines.

That, in fact, the train demonstrates. If we compare with the closest similar models, for example, Qashqai or X-Trail, then Aria differs from them quite strikingly.

At the front, the finest LED optics, a massive grille and an increased front body kit. Then there were the smooth lines of the hood with an easy transition to the coupe-like roof. On the side, the fenders were made sticking out, and 21-inch wheels were installed inside. The rear optics follows the design of the front optics, spreading a thin LED strip along the entire stern.
In size, Aria is a cross between Qashqai and X-Trail.

Nissan Aria 2020.


Minimalism will be in trend for a few more years for sure, so Nissan made the right decision by completing the interior design in this style.
Decorated elements to a minimum, everything is simple, high quality and inspires reliability. At least buttons. Everything has moved to multimedia. If something is not found in the 12.3-inch touchscreen, the on-board computer will look for it using a voice command.

Separately, it should be noted that Aria is the first car where the multifunction steering wheel is made with touch buttons, and not physical ones.

Ultra-thin chairs are also striking. Don’t worry. This will not affect safety in any way, thanks to an innovative set of systems. Otherwise, minimalism is mixed with futurism and looks extremely interesting.

Price and start date

How close to the concept the electric car will be is not yet known. But the approximate date of the start of sales in the land of the rising sun is known — the middle of 2020, that is, some 7-8 months after the car dealership. Europeans and Americans shouldn’t wait for Ariya 2020 soon.

The electric car will enter large continents only at the beginning of 2021. The preliminary price tag has so far stopped at around 3.2 million rubles, but it is not final.

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