Nissan Ariya 2021.

Nissan Ariya 2021.

Nissan Ariya 2021.

Nissan Ariya 2021: Japanese version of the crossover for the European market.
In the second half of this year, Nissan is preparing for the grand premiere of the electric crossover Nissan Ariya 2021.

The new model range promises to be an exact copy of the Nissan Ariya Concept, which received positive expert reviews.

The new model with extended mileage was originally promised in single and twin-engine configurations, respectively, with front and all-electric drive, better acceleration and speed characteristics.


The exterior of the new five-door SUV-D2 does not claim to be exclusive. The body design of the electric crossover features recognizable features of the corporate and traditional European style. In the front view, the new body shows:

• excellent windshield aerodynamics;

• longitudinal ribbed sidewalls of the hood;

• four-element blocks of LED head optics;

• imitation of a radiator grill decorated with a corporate logo and running lights boomerangs.

Nissan Ariya 2021.

Attention is also drawn to the vertical arrangement of wedge-shaped side diffusers, the protruding rib of the narrow bumper and the diagonal plastic-metal body kit that has become traditional in the crossover arrangement.

From the side view, the 2021 Nissan Ariya offers a coupe-like roof slope, contrasting silver bezels and matte black side window pillars, futuristic mirror designs and compact dimensions of door handles recessed into the body.

The design features of the sidewalls of the body also include stepped reliefs of the contours of the wheel arches and sills, off-road ground clearance and the original five-leaf pattern of reinforced 21-inch disks.

The all-terrain status of the crossover is confirmed by a protective plastic «skirt» located on the lower perimeter of the body.

The rear of the body is designed in a classic sporty style. In sight:

• thin profile of a semicircular spoiler lip;

• steep slope of the rear glazing;

• a tailgate, complete with a spoiler lip and LED strip for the rear lights.

The entourage of the stern is organically complemented by the diagonal arrangement of a massive plastic body kit protected by a metal panel from accidental damage.

Nissan Ariya 2021.


The Nissan Aria 2021 model, already at the modernization stage, is focused on the high standards of the European market, therefore, the interior trim is leather, regardless of the configuration. The range also includes high-quality facing plastic and decorative inserts.

The multi-mode digital instrument cluster of the new electric crossover has been carried over from its predecessor without significant updates.

Standard options and special equipment are activated using a media-command display built into the center console, as well as touch-sensitive command buttons located on the front plane of the multifunction steering wheel and the lower tier of the dashboard.

The configuration of the tunnel extended to the rear row includes organizers, cup holders and several sensor elements for enabling special options.

• The class of the car assumes the presence of modern technical and electronic equipment, in particular, a semi-autonomous ProPILOT 2.0 autopilot, a recuperator, electronic assistants and a proprietary Nissan Safety Shield 360 safety complex.

• Already in the base, the electric crossover will receive excellent multimedia characteristics of the on-board complex, an anti-theft kit, parking sensors and several options for interior lighting.

Nissan Ariya 2021.

The concept car showed excellent profiles, competent ergonomics and high comfort in all five seats. The basic service of the front row seats is nominal: these are lateral support, ventilation and heating circuits, several ranges of operational adjustments.

The limited service functionality of the rear sofa for three seats is compensated by the large volume of individual space for each rider, the ability to set the sofa back to a comfortable position, and the presence of a separate remote control for activating and adjusting the on-board climate control.

The placement of modular batteries in the passenger compartment floor had a positive effect on the capacity of the luggage compartment and the possibility of its transformation for the transportation of block bulky cargo. There are no digital parameters in the information field for this hour.


The status of a mid-size crossover is confirmed by the external dimensions, realized in optimal ratios of 4600 x 1920 and 1630 mm. Unfortunately, there are no data on ground clearance and suspension in the technical parameters.

The assets of the novelty are a comfortable independent suspension, the presence of anti-roll bars and a full circle of disc brakes.

The design of the electric crossover incorporates the operational advantages of the universal modular platform CMF-EV, which allows using the advantages of a single-engine front-wheel drive or twin-engine all-wheel drive scheme.

Nissan Ariya 2021.

• The test drive clarified that with a total tandem power of more than 400 hp. the dynamics of reaching the first hundred is 5.2 seconds, the speed is more than 200 km / h.

The increased energy intensity of the modular battery guarantees a vehicle with a mass of up to two tons, without intermediate recharging, at a distance of 485 km.

Options and prices

The new Nissan Aria 2021 model year is promised by the manufacturer in three main modifications. The price of the base model is at $ 40,000, the cost of the intermediate and top-end configurations is being specified.

Competing models

The range of electric vehicles is expanding every year. In almost two years, the number of real competitors has grown exponentially.

For this hour, demand for the Volvo XC40 Recharge, Audi Q4 e-tron, Tesla Model Y and Jaguar I-Pace has stabilized. In the budget segment, the extreme versions of Enovate ME7 and JAC iEV7S are popular.

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