Nissan Ariya 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022. Electric crossover Nissan Ariya received unique invisible buttons.

Modern automotive fashion is forcing automakers to abandon traditional keys and analog instruments. Their place is taken by touch buttons and functional touchscreens.

This evolutionary path was chosen by the creators of the new electro-crossover Nissan Ariya. The interior of the battery SUV has a pair of displays combined under a common glass. This is an unusual solution that many premium car makers use today.

Another feature of the Japanese electric car — special tactile buttons, which are different from anything you could see before.

They react to touch, which is no longer news, but at the same time they are invisible. This is their uniqueness.

When the crossover is not working, the dashboard looks like it has only one single auto start button. But this is not the case.

As soon as the ignition is turned on, transparent icons light up on the wooden paneling.

These invisible buttons glow softly through the wood grain on the armrest and dashboard.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

Moreover, the buttons themselves were positioned so that it was as convenient to interact with them as possible: they are always at hand on an almost intuitive level.

This unique key works at any pressure. Neither the angle, nor the size of the finger, nor the length of the nails are important. Even gloves won’t be a hindrance.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

The new electric car with a power reserve of 480 kilometers will reach the dealers of the brand at the end of 2021.

A cruising range of more than 500 km and, for the first time, convenient touch-sensitive climate control.

Details about the electric car Nissan Ariya.

Lately, reviewers, as well as ordinary users of new cars, have expressed their disapproval of the disappearance of physical controls.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

The electric crossover Nissan Ariya is preparing for the exit, the creators of which did not want to fill the interior with individuality, but also make it functional and comfortable.

Lately, observers, as well as ordinary users of new cars, have expressed their disapproval of the disappearance of physical controls, especially for climate control.

One by one, manufacturers are ditching physical controls in favor of touch buttons and additional screens.

Nissan Ariya will also go in this direction, but the car’s creators claim that the control of the systems in the new car will be very convenient.

Nissan Ariya 2022.

The climate control system in the Nissan Ariya looks very interesting. The unit is integrated into the lower part of the dashboard, which has a wood texture.

This provides not only sound, but also tactile feedback.

We created a clean space by mixing tactile controls with a wood texture. At the same time, we tried not to worsen the usability of the controls, which allowed us to achieve both functionality and an attractive appearance.

By applying the wood grain to the plastic panel using a hydroprinting process, we have given the panel a realistic wood feel. At the same time, it allowed transparent icons to come to life when backlit.

The Nissan Ariya is expected to be released by the end of the year in Europe and America for about $ 40,000.

It will also become Nissan’s electric vehicle with the longest range, over 500 km, in line with the WLTP test cycle.

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