Nissan Kicks 2022.

Nissan Kicks 2022.

Nissan Kicks 2022.

Upgraded Nissan Kicks: now with all-wheel drive.

The Nissan Kicks compact crossover has been in production since 2016, and after a restyling in 2020, it got an e-Power hybrid version, which has become a staple in Asian markets.

But after just two years of production, the hybrid has undergone a major upgrade.

In Japan, the Nissan Kicks was presented with a second-generation e-Power powertrain, which until now was only available on the Note.

We shall remind, Nissan’s e-Power system is the consecutive hybrid: electric motor rotates wheels, and the petrol engine works only in a generator mode and is controlled only by electronics.

The modernized Kix has increased output of electric motor on the front axle from 129 hp and 260 Nm to 136 hp and 280 Nm.

Gasoline engine is the same — it is a three-cylinder atmospheric 1.2 (82 hp, 103 Nm), but the control program has become more complicated.

Nissan Kicks 2022.

Electronics keeps crankshaft rpm at a lower level than the previous version, reducing the annoying noise of the motor (because in alternator mode it runs at a constant speed).

But during driving on a bad road or freeway, when the overall noise level rises, the revs are allowed to increase.

Nissan Kicks 2022.

As a result, the work of the internal combustion engine has become less noticeable to the saddlers. And combined with a more efficient electric motor, fuel consumption has been reduced by 6.4% to 4.35 l/100 km.

In addition, Kicks got all-wheel drive for the first time. Not a traditional «mechanical» (with driveline and clutch), because the platform V is not designed for it, but electric.

Nissan Kicks 2022.

There is a separate electric motor with an output of 68 hp and 100 Nm that can work in the whole range of speeds, but is connected only if necessary.

All-wheel drive Kicks is 120 kg heavier than the base hybrid, and the volume of its gas tank is reduced from 41 to 35 liters.

The modernization does not provide any changes in appearance and interior.

Nissan Kicks 2022.

There is a new Style Edition, which features — expanded black decor, red insert between the taillights (Kix for America already has such) and two-color interior.

There is also Nissan Kicks Autech with a sports dodger in the Japanese range.

For an upgraded crossover in Japan they ask from $20,300, and the all-wheel-drive version costs from $22,200.

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