Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022. Japanese compact van Nissan Note, which is offered on the car market in Japan, has been replenished with another version — a crossover.

Release of this model was carried out by the division Autech, which specializes in the modification of existing models.

The name of the new car is chosen rather «original» — Nissan Note Autech Crossover.

If we compare the standard and cross-version, the second relies installation of wider tires, increased ground clearance, as well as redesigned, in terms of its driving qualities, suspension.

Besides the specialists of Autech have made readjustment of electric power steering.

In appearance the differences are minimal. The perimeter of the body and its wheel arches are equipped with a plastic dodger.

There are rails on the roof to transport cargo, if necessary.

The power capabilities of the truck were not adjusted. This means that under the hood of Autech Crossover there is a 1.2-liter hybrid engine, the total capacity of which is equal to 116 horsepower.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

The price for this version in the starting version is equivalent to 1.65 million rubles.

The Nissan Note Crossover from Autech has received a decorative bodykit and increased ground clearance.

The Nissan Note of the new (third) generation has received an «all-road» version of the Crossover developed by Autech division.

Outwardly this car has a characteristic dodger with plastic pads on wheel arches and sills.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

The modification can be equipped with additional running lights with blue glow, original grille, silver mirrors and roof rails.

Interior of the new Nissan Note Crossover has unusual trimming from leatherette with blue stitching.

But there are no technical changes — the car is propelled by a standard hybrid e-Power unit.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

The last one consists of a 1,2-liter petrol motor producing 82 hp. In this case, the engine has no direct connection to the wheels and plays the role of a generator, and for the rotation of the wheels is responsible installed in front of a traction 116-horsepower electric motor.

For extra money the car can be ordered with all-wheel drive, where the rear axle has another 68-horsepower electric motor.

It is reported that the suspension of Note Crossover uses different springs and shock absorbers, and 16-inch wheels are «shod» in a high-profile 195/60 tires.

Nissan Note Autech Crossover 2022.

This decision allowed increasing ground clearance by 25 mm, but the final clearance value is still not impressive — 145 mm on the front-wheel drive hatchback and 150 mm on all-wheel drive.

Additionally the power steering was adjusted. Release of «all-road» Nissan Note Crossover will be dealt directly by Auteche department, which is usually engaged only in the manufacture of decorative cladding.

It is known that the novelty will be possible to buy at a price of $ 22,800 (1.65 million rubles at current exchange rate).

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