Nissan Patrol 2023.

Nissan Patrol 2023.

Nissan Patrol 2023.

Nissan Patrol 2023 SUV in «extreme» Warrior modification was revealed in the photo long before the premiere.

Nissan Patrol 2023 has not been fully updated for quite a long time, getting small restyling from time to time.

The car is considered outdated in all respects, but the manufacturer does not hurry to change the generation or remove the car from the assembly line.

Moreover, a new Warrior variant for extreme off-roading has been recently announced.

Nissan Patrol is one of the oldest cars of the Japanese brand. The first generation of the car was introduced back in 1951.

Now the sixth generation of the car is on the assembly line, which was presented in 2010. The car during this time has received two restyling, the last of which was in 2019.

In any case, for twelve years, the model has become very outdated, but this was not an obstacle to the announcement of a new variation of the car.

So, the manufacturer recently told about the imminent release of the Warrior off-road spec, which the artists showed in their renderings.

Nissan Patrol 2023.

Judging by the renderings, this variation of the car will not differ much from the usual actual Patrol.

You can see that the car has various off-road attributes. For example, on the sills and wheel arches you can see protective pads of unpainted plastic.

Nissan Patrol 2023.

Also installed other bumpers and grille, painted in black. In general, this modification looks more brutal.

Visually the «charged» variant of the SUV will be distinguished from the standard versions.

In front and behind it will receive a different design of bumpers, supplemented with protective plates. Also it will be equipped with wideners made of plastic on wheel arches and tires with off-road tread.

Nissan Patrol 2023.

The exhaust pipes will get an angular shape and will be displayed on the side under the sills of the car.

It has already revealed the technical parameters of off-road modification «Patrol». Thus, it is known that the car will receive an improved chassis with upgraded shock absorbers.

Under the hood of the car will remain 5.6-liter V8 with a maximum capacity of 405 «horses» (560 N*m of torque).

The Japanese manufacturer will also offer some changes in the running gear. The SUV will be equipped with improved shock absorbers and springs.

Nissan Patrol 2023.

Power characteristics of the new Patrol will not be adjusted. It will get 5.6-liter engine, producing up to 405 hp.

It will be paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a full-fledged four-wheel drive system.

It is predicted that the novelty will appear on the market next year. Price for this version has not been named yet.

This unit is paired with a seven-band automatic transmission. The Warrior variant is due to premiere in 2023.

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