Nissan Terrano 2021.

Nissan Terrano 2021.

Nissan Terrano 2021.

The Nissan Terrano 2021 is essentially a complete counterpart to the Renault Duster.

The difference between the cars is manifested in the features of the body design and the list of on-board equipment.

In this regard, the Japanese model is more expensive than the French one: prices for it start at 1.204 million rubles.

Moreover, only 1.6- and 2-liter «atmospheric» engines are available with Terrano, when together with Duster it is possible to buy a turbodiesel unit.

However, Japanese crossover with each of available kitting comes with switchable all-wheel drive for extra charge.

An audio system, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors and a full-size spare are offered as standard with Terrano.

The top versions get leather seats, multimedia complex, touchscreen and a few additional safety systems. Japanese crossover is assembled near St. Petersburg.

Features and prices

The main difference between the Nissan Terrano 2021 from the Renault Duster is a new body. which, judging by the official photos, has not changed for many years.

Nissan Terrano 2021.

By the current moment, the manufacturer has only corrected the equipment and prices, refusing from a fairly large number of previously available modifications.

The technical characteristics of the Japanese model, which already several years comes to the Russian market with two «atmospheric» engines and connected all-wheel drive, remained unchanged. Now the Terrano is offered in four versions.

Comfort .
The Japanese crossover is priced in Russia at a minimum of 1.204 million rubles. For this money is available Nissan Terrano 2021 with manual transmission and 114-horsepower «atmospheric».

For the installation of four-wheel drive transmission, official dealers ask for an additional 49 thousand rubles.

Elegance .
The next configuration is priced at a minimum of 1.254 million rubles. It is also available with a 143-horsepower «atmospheric» motor and automatic transmission.

For the appearance of the first will have to pay additional 100 thousand rubles. And for the introduction of the «automatic» the manufacturer asks another 45 thousand rubles.

This configuration stands out against the background of the basic at the expense of 16-inch aluminum wheels, front fog lights, ambient temperature sensor and rear power windows.

This version is equipped with electric heated front seats and windshield. In addition, in the Elegance modification you can find side airbags and cruise control.

Nissan Terrano 2021.

Elegance Plus
This configuration costs at least 1.299 million rubles. And relatively recently Nissan has deprived Terrano buyers of the opportunity to buy a crossover in this version with a starting motor and all-wheel drive.

But for the same surcharge it is possible to buy a more powerful engine.

The Elegance Plus package includes a full multimedia complex, which includes support for mobile devices and a 7-inch touchscreen tablet.

In this modification are available rear parktronic, factory toning and leather braided steering wheel. In addition, the purchase of this version is offered by default with a regular navigation system and rearview camera.

The 2021 Nissan Terrano in the top version is offered exclusively with all-wheel drive and a 143-horsepower «atmospheric» engine.

Such a combination is priced at 1.558 million rubles. This amount also includes seats with faux leather trim and the car’s electronic stabilization system.

Technical Specifications

As in the case of the Renault Duster, the Nissan Terrano is still produced with the former technical part. Its platform is obsolete by now.

Nissan Terrano 2021.

In other markets, this model has long been based on the «bogie» CMF.

But in Russia, the crossover is produced with the same McPherson front shock-absorbing struts and rear multilever design. Both suspensions are supplemented by anti-roll bars by default.

Terrano is also notable for the fact that drum brakes are installed at the rear. After the last modernization, the dimensions of the crossover have not changed.

As before, its length reaches 4315 mm with a wheelbase of 2673 mm. Width of Japanese crossover is 1822 mm and height is 1625 mm.

In the basic configuration under the hood of Terrano hides 114-horsepower «atmospheric» engine of 1.6 liters, which develops no more than 156 N*m of torque.

It is combined only with a manual gearbox with 5 speeds. For extra charge the 2-liter naturally aspirated unit is offered, whose efficiency is brought to 143 hp and tractive torque — to 195 N*m.

Terrano is also notable because the second engine has an available outdated automatic transmission with 6 speeds in addition to the 6-band «mechanics».

With each of the specified motors a switchable full drive is offered for a surcharge, which is combined with electrically adjustable multidisk clutch. Standard traction of Terrano is transmitted to the front axle.

Maneuverability and off-road performance

Nissan Terrano 2021 in certain cases even more off-road than the Renault Duster.

Nissan Terrano 2021.

The Japanese model with a ground clearance of up to 205 mm and switchable all-wheel drive perfectly copes with difficult driving conditions, avoiding serious slippage.

This is partly due to built-in electronic systems and cleverly configured body, providing a small angle of departure and entry.

Thus Terrano in comparison with other crossovers offered for about 1 million rubles, behaves worse on asphalt surface.

Its suspension is not good and can not cope with medium bumps, due to which when driving on rough terrain in the cabin shakes strongly.

You can not say that Terrano maneuverable or dynamic crossover. This car should be used for long distances, not involving sudden acceleration and fast turns.

In such operation, the crossover behaves quite well.


The Terrano is the only modern Nissan model that has retained the old exterior design format.

Even the more expensive Patrol has recently changed its exterior dramatically. The Japanese crossover is equipped with a rather large radiator grille, which is crossed by the trademark V-shaped metal inset, and really big headlights.

The front bumper has a wide air intake, which is flanked by volume niches with fog lights.

The rear part of the body is decorated by large lights with pointed corners and the dodger with the separated on each side stop lights.

Interior of the Terrano looks more attractive than the Duster. Although the same materials are used in both crossovers’ finishing.

The difference is in a special design of the central console with a non-standard touch screen monitor, the perimeter of which is filled with compact keys, and three washers to control the climate.

The dashboard has a classical design. And a steering wheel as if passed to Terrano from Almera Classic of 2010 release.

Japanese crossover provides relatively comfortable seating on the front and rear rows. And its luggage compartment holds up to 408 liters of cargo.

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