Nissan Tiida 2020.

Nissan Tiida 2020..

Nissan Tiida 2020.

Nissan Tiida 2020 — a budget hatchback with acceleration to 100 km in 10 seconds (price and specifications)
Many Nissan Tiida look forward to every update of Nissan Tiida. After all, it is this model that offers the best characteristics in relation to an adequate price tag.
In our country, a compact hatchback is a real hit. Because of what, the Japanese even invested in the AvtoVAZ conveyor line in Izhevsk.

So we get the car also without an additional customs margin. Although there are a lot of complaints about the Russian assembly in the forums, nevertheless this will not stop Nissan Tiida from winning more buyers.

Nissan Tiida 2020


The novelty will be assembled on an old trolley with small changes in power units.
The compact hatchback will again receive a transverse engine, suspension with independent front MacPhersons and a torsion beam on the rear axle.
The drive will traditionally remain front. The brakes in a circle will be disc. Front will receive additional ventilation.

For powertrains, the Izhevsk line will offer two 4-cylinder engines.

1. The first will be represented by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a return of 110 hp. at 153 Hm. With him, Tiida will accelerate to a hundred in 11.1 seconds. The maximum speed will be limited to 186 km / h.

2. The second received a 1.8-liter volume, the output of the installation will be 126 hp. at 173 Hm. Acceleration in 10.4 seconds, top speed — 195 km / h. The average consumption of the 95th will be about 7 liters.

The transmission, as in the restyling of 2017, will be offered in the form of a 5-speed manual or CVT. Many complain about the poor responsiveness of the second, so the mechanics have proven themselves better.

Nissan Tiida has not so many goodies on equipment:

multifunction steering wheel
system for attaching a child seat,
three-point belts and frontal airbags,
air conditioning, cruise, 4-speaker audio system,
multimedia with a 7-inch screen,
heated mirrors and their electronic adjustment.

Nissan Tiida 2020.


The body has not undergone significant changes. Before us is the same compact stylish hatchback that we saw in 2017 and 2018.

The decorative elements of the front end have changed a bit and the design of 16-inch wheels has been revised.
The rest of the Nissan Tiida 2020 shows excellent dynamic shapes, a nice silhouette, simple design, no frills. The front meets a pleasant look and a stylish radiator grill.

The feed shows interesting teardrop-shaped dimensions and an original kit.

Nissan Tiida 2020..


Inside, the entire budget of the car is felt. The interior will be presented only with a fabric version and a plastic torpedo. In general, there are no complaints about the Tiida build quality.

On the plus side, one can note comfortable, grasping on the sides, seats, a massive armrest at the back, a spacious luggage compartment of 467 liters, a well-designed center console with a smooth transition to the central tunnel, where two cup holders are offered.

The main advantage of Thiida is its multi-wheel drive. Beautifully beaten silver plastic inserts are perhaps the strongest side of the interior.

Nissan Tiida 2020...

Price and sales start date

Like last year, for 2020 it is planned to release 7 trim levels — Welcome, Comfort, Elegance, Elegance Plus, Elegance Connect, Elegance Plus Connect and Tekna.
The price tags are almost no different from their predecessor. For the base will have to pay 830 thousand rubles and a little more than a million for the top filling.

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