Nissan Venucia 2021.

Nissan Venucia 2021.

Nissan Venucia 2021.

Nissan Venucia 2021: All-wheel-drive crossover with fuel-efficient hybrid drive.

The new model of the budget crossover Nissan Venucia 2021 is a joint project of the Nissan and Dong Feng brands.

The novelty is based on the theoretical and practical basis of the fourth generation Toyota Harrier analogue.

The car, which has received a special restyling, will be available in modifications for the Chinese, European and American crossover markets.

The 2021 Nissan Wentza is characterized by a combination of an affordable price range with high operational potential.

The founder of the model range will delight future car owners with an interesting body design, the comfort of a five-seater cabin volume, and the functional properties of components for standard and additional paid options.


The new concept model Venza does not have clear age recommendations, however, complemented by aggressive notes, the stylish and presentable appearance of the budget crossover meets the needs of the youth driving contingent to a greater extent.

Nissan Venucia 2021.

In the photo, in the brightest and most expressive frontal projection, the new body of the crossover SUV of the new model range demonstrates:

aerodynamic tilt of the bonnet, complemented by stepped sides;
double boomerangs of running lights of trapezoidal front optics blocks;
black gloss decorated with a chrome logo and a silver semi-perimeter decorative insert;
massive transverse lamellas of the large-format radiator grille.

The design of the front end is interesting with diagonal slots of ventilation diffusers and a silver protective panel of a plastic off-road body kit.

Positive emotions are evoked by the design of the novelty in the photo in a profile perspective, with the characteristic features of the classic crossover layout.

Available: the aerodynamic contour of the sloping roof, the visual contrast of the silver frame and black pillars of three-section windows, ribbed wedge-shaped mirrors, ribbed reliefs concentrated on the contours of the wheel arches and the sidewalls of the body.

Nissan Venucia 2021.

Protective and decorative functions are carried by the black plastic of the lower perimeter of the case and the spoke pattern of 18-inch wheels.

In line with its off-road status, the 2021 Nissan Venucia features high, 195mm ground clearance and short body overhangs.

The design of the rear side of the body is dominated by a harmonious combination of traditional classic style and design solutions of corporate specialists. Standard on upper stern:

a large format of the rear panoramic window complemented by a spoiler lip;
a set of original small-sized lamps connected by an LED jumper;
luggage compartment door decorated with chrome logo and nameplates.

In the cutout of the stepped bumper there is a platform for mounting a license plate, a massive body kit made of unpainted plastic is equipped with a protective metal panel.

According to eyewitnesses, the crossover combines practicality, functionality and a significant amount of expressive presentability.

Nissan Venucia 2021.


In relation to the donor, changes in the salon decoration are nominal. The quality of the finishing assortment is decent in all respects.

Depending on the modification, a fabric or leather interior, standard or extended seating service, additional functionality of component options are offered.

The spoke-free upper section of the multifunction multifunction steering wheel provides a complete overview of the analog-digital instrument panel.

Basic command functionality is centered on the touchpad of the 10-inch center console multimedia display.

The list of useful options includes a traffic monitoring system with an electronic emergency braking circuit, reading information from markings and road signs, as well as radar cruise control.

The comfort-generating electronics offer premium options for the JBL 9-channel multimedia system, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM radio and Bluetooth.

Nissan Venucia 2021.

As part of the tunnel: a lever for switching transmission modes, cup holders, organizers and an armrest, which is used in parallel as a cover for the refrigerator compartment.

The characteristics of the technical equipment and on-board electronics comply with the standards of the higher class models.

The boarding and road service of the pilot seats with full lateral support parts offers a set of electrified position adjustments, as well as heated and ventilated seats.

The center seat of the rear three-seater sofa converts into a folding armrest. Information about the capacity of the trunk and the increase in volume due to the partial dismantling of the sofa back is still closed.


With impressive dimensions of 4740 x 1855 and 1660 mm, the «Venza» crossover looks quite compact.

The novelty is based on a very comfortable TNGA-K platform with a combined suspension with a base of 2700 mm, a full set of stabilizers and active safety systems.

The 2021 Nissan Venucia crossover is promised with an uncontested hybrid drive. It comes standard with a 2.5-liter petrol engine and three electric motors with a combined output of 219 hp.

The test drive confirmed the moderate (7.3 seconds) dynamics of the first «hundred parts» and the consumption of fuels and lubricants at a hundred-kilometer distance up to 6.2 liters.

Options and prices

The version for the American market is being developed in three modifications. The starting price of the base model is from 45 thousand dollars. The cost of the hybrid-drive crossover of European configuration is being specified.

Sales start in Russia

The new 2021 Nissan Venucia will hit our showrooms towards the end of the summer season. A more accurate and reliable release date in Russia will be indicated at the beginning of the second half of the year.

Competing models

For the status of real competitors, analogs of the class Ford Fusion Hybrid, Chevrolet Volt, BMW i3 or Honda CR-V Hybrid of the same type in design and purpose can apply.

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