Omoda C5 EV 2023.

Omoda C5 EV 2023.

Omoda C5 EV 2023.

Crossover Omoda C5 will receive a new version.

Chinese manufacturer Omoda continues to work on preparing for the release of its premiere electric crossover.

We are talking about the model Omoda C5 EV 2033 model year, which was seen on the roads of China the day before during test runs.

In China, the battery-powered Omoda C5 EV was photographed again.

Earlier, the Russian office of Chery hinted at the imminent appearance on the market of the Omoda electric crossover.

And the other day, the novelty was noticed during tests in China — for the second time.

Chinese spies managed to capture the battery Omoda C5 EV, which, judging by its appearance, is still far from serial:

you can see that the test prototype did not fit the body elements, in particular, the hood and the cover of the charging port in the front.

Previously, a similar instance of «photospies» managed to fix only once — in May of the previous year.

Omoda C5 EV 2023.

The manufacturer himself is trying to carefully hide information about his development and does not publish any data regarding the promising SUV.

If we talk about the «spy» photos themselves, published on the Web, they allow us to judge the still low level of readiness of the car.

Omoda C5 EV 2023.

So, a rather rough hatch is installed on the radiator grill, hiding the port for recharging the battery.

In addition, the rear bumper here is from a model with a standard internal combustion engine — two pipes come out of it at once, imitating the operation of the exhaust system.

The interior of the SUV also has a classic transmission gear selector, which is not typical for modern electric vehicles.

Omoda C5 EV 2023.

Since the developer himself does not share any details about the future of Omoda C5 EV, the experts tried to predict its characteristics on their own.

So, judging by the dimensions of the battery, which is located under the bottom of the car, we can conclude that the crossover will receive a power reserve of at least 500 kilometers.

Omoda C5 EV 2023.

Also, the exterior and interior of the SUV have undergone significant adjustments in comparison with the version with the classic internal combustion engine.

Not the highest degree of crossover readiness suggests that the car will enter the Chinese market in the second half of this year.

In our country, Omoda also predicted the release of hybrid and electric models, but this will take place later.

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