Opel Astra 2020.

Opel Astra 2020.

Opel Astra 2020.

Opel Astra 2020 — a restyled version of the hatchback and station wagon of the popular model.
The unscheduled restyling of the Opel Astra in two bodies at once — a five-door hatchback and a station wagon — became a real surprise for the fans of the German brand.

Now the automaker is actively working to change generations in 2021, but apparently the marketing department has decided not to leave motorists without new products today.

As it turned out, this was not just another «lazy» restyling with the aim of additional pumping out of money. The models have received major changes in the body, suspension, engine compartment and onboard systems. What is the Opel Astra 2019-2020 model year now, consider below.

Opel Astra 2020.


As already mentioned, the engine compartment has received major changes. The old subcompact engines were thrown into the trash. Both body options will be equipped with the same powertrain. Actually, as it was before.

Now, opening the hood, you can see more recent units manufactured by General Motors:

The petrol engine with three cylinders and a volume of 1.2 liters will be presented in three capacities for 110, 130 and 145 hp. along with it will be a 6-speed manual;

Next is the 1.4-liter three-cylinder engine, represented by only 145 horses. But the variator will already be installed here;

The diesel version is also available as a 1.5-liter engine with 105 and 122 hp options. Both versions will be presented with a 6-speed manual and 9-speed automatic.

As European laws push for ever greater economy and environmental friendliness, the new engines consume 15% less fuel and emit less carbon monoxide than their predecessors. Gasoline consumption averaged 5.2-5.9 liters, while for a diesel engine the figures are 4.4-5.3 liters per 100 km.

Opel Astra 2020.

Also, the suspension of the new Opel has undergone changes. Previous versions were complained about rather stiff cushioning, so this time the models got a softer version with new shock absorbers. If this option also does not suit you, it is possible to install a sports version with stricter settings.

Several new technologies have also added to the list of technical stuffing. In addition to the standard package in the form of climate control, cruise, multimedia, lane hold, emergency braking and more, voice control, new navigation, a wireless charging system for gadgets, heated windshield, front and rear cameras, ventilation and massage of the front seats and acoustics have been added Bose seven speakers.


The body geometry in the new Astra has undergone minor changes. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the new geometry, the cars received a lower drag coefficient. In addition, if you look under the bottom of the body, you will notice special shields that additionally fight against air turbulence while driving.

Otherwise, only slightly modified bumpers and a new design of the radiator grill are noticeable. The dimensions remain the same. Unfortunately, the ground clearance has not changed either — 140 mm, which significantly spoiled the sales of the previous version, where on our roads it is 14 cm, well. On wheels, both versions will be fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels.

In general, it’s good that the design was not redone beyond recognition, because it was good from the very beginning. Even those «aerodynamic» changes are almost invisible to the average car enthusiast.

Opel Astra 2020.


The interior of the Opel Astra 2020 has also been partially transformed. Before us is a classic German salon of the budget segment. Super-expensive leather isn’t here, but the build quality and durable finish are the best on the market as always.

The tidy remained analog, but the multimedia screen received a diagonal larger by one inch. The steering wheel received a couple of additional control buttons for new functions. It is noticeable that we have worked on ergonomics. Some functions have changed their places.

The front seats are made according to sports patterns with a mass of supporting elements.
Inset chrome elements make the interior visually more spacious, but the roominess remains the same in both bodies. The station wagon still has an excellent folding seating system, so even a refrigerator will fit.

Opel Astra 2020.

Price and start date of sales

So far, the automaker has not provided exact data on the planned trim levels. But it is already known that both the station wagon and the hatchback will go to dealerships in the middle of autumn 2019. There is also no price tag, but it is unlikely that it will be radically different from previous versions.

Recall that the previous five-door hatchback was offered for 1.2 million rubles, and the station wagon for 1.34 million.

Russian fans of Opel do not have to wait for a new product. Due to the ban on territorial expansion and the transfer of the company from the care of General Motors to Fiat, the models will not arrive in the Russian Federation. We can only wait for the new generation of the lineup, which will be released in 2021 on a new platform.

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