Opel Crosland 2021.

Opel Crosland 2021.

Opel Crosland 2021.

The 2021 Opel Crossland crossover has undergone restyling and is going to conquer the Russian market.

After the update, the model underwent minimal changes to the exterior and interior, although the crossover platform itself underwent modernization.

With it, the SUV got new shock absorbers and springs, as well as a more «driver» steering mechanism. Another new thing is the IntelliGrip system, which is an electronic traction control «assistant» with a choice of operating modes.

Review of the new SUV

The release of the Opel Crossland X SUV in 2017 was remembered not only for the fact that it replaced the Opel Meriva micro-van in the model range, but actually became the first model of the brand that changed the owner.

Three years ago the company was sold to the French concern PSA, and this was immediately associated with the rapid transition of a number of models to new «carts». The 2021 Opel Crossland X was supposed to get the modular EMP2 platform, but it ended up with the old PF1 base from Peugeot 2008 and Citroen C3 Aircross.

Unfortunately, she did not promise the crossover hybrid transmissions, which was confirmed in 2020, when the model was subjected to its first planned restyling and did not receive a single new engine.

Opel Crosland 2021.


As a result of the restyling, the French crossover lost part of its name: now it is just Opel Crossland 2021, so the designers had to change the nameplate on the luggage compartment lid.

Also, dark lamp housings appeared at the stern of the updated car, and the bumper received a new contrast insert.

The rear optics began to look more expressive due to a different color of the fifth door: with a two-tone color of the body between the lamps, a stripe in the color of the roof now flaunts. But the biggest change in the exterior design is the front.

Following the new Opel Vizor style, a plastic cap resembling a racing helmet visor has appeared between the headlights, while the grille has moved to the bumper. Other innovations include décor at the bottom of the doors and new wheel designs.

Opel Crosland 2021.


Inside the Opel Crossland 2021, the differences from the previous version of the SUV are even smaller: only the optional upholstery of Alcantara seats and a more functional media system with the maximum possible size of the central display of 8 «were added.

The «chip» of the new model remains a shift by 150 mm. a rear sofa that gives more space in the luggage compartment (410-520 liters). If the backrests are folded down, the capacity of the micro van’s trunk increases to a solid 1255 liters.

Technical stuffing

A year after the debut of the Opel Crossland X in Europe, new environmental standards came into force, which made their own changes to the engine range of the model.

This line has been preserved for the restyled Opel Crossland 2021 model year. The younger engine is an atmospheric petrol «troika» with a volume of 1.2 liters and a capacity of 83 liters. from.

Opel Crosland 2021.


Further — turbocharged versions of the same engine with varying degrees of boost — 110 and 130 hp. with., as well as diesel one and a half liter «turbo four» for 110 and 120 liters. from.

All units, except for the older diesel engine, have a manual transmission as standard. Diesel engine 1.5 x 120 hp from. equipped with a 6-speed «automatic», and the same «box» is optionally offered by the most powerful gasoline power plant.

Opel Crosland 2021.

When will it be released in Russia?

The only place where the Opel Crossland X crossover was assembled was a plant that continues to belong to the former owners of the German brand, General Motors. It is located in Spain in the city of Zaragoza, where the Opel Meriva was previously produced.

The new Opel Crossland 2021 model year will also be registered here, as well as its fellow on the Citroen C3 Picasso platform.
The updated SUV will enter the European market in January 2021, and later will appear in Russia.

Despite the fact that the previous version of the model was not even considered as a candidate for getting into Russia, the restyled version will definitely be offered to the Russians.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet announced the list of available modifications or prices, but the «format» of the car and its formal affiliation to the budget segment promise a relatively high demand for the SUV.


Opel Crosland: prices in Russia

Taking into account the delivery of the 2021 Opel Crossland crossover model year to Russia, it will cost more than in Europe. At the same time, the price plug for the pre-reform version in the countries of the Old World was 16990-27070 euros.

The cheapest version included 4 airbags, air conditioning, front power windows, and heated front seats. In the «top» configuration on the SUV, a dual-zone «climate», all-round cameras and a projection display appeared.

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