Opel Insignia 2021.

Opel Insignia 2021.

Opel Insignia 2021.

Opel Insignia 2021: sedan classic with a new design.
Opel has successfully finished the restyling of the sedan popular on the world market, which will be released under the name Opel Insignia 2021.

In the foreseeable future, the new model will be available in coupe and station wagon trim levels.

The manufacturer positions the new model range as a functional and practical car with a modern body design, a comfortable interior and improved traction and speed characteristics of the power unit.

The model, versatile in application, is focused on the needs of motorists of different generations.


The new look of the sedan is dominated by a combination of classic brand style with the latest layout and design developments of corporate specialists.

The upgrade introduced a number of new solutions to the technical and electronic equipment, the ergonomics of the seats, and the active road safety systems were also significantly improved.

According to leading experts, the 2021 Opel Insignia sedan has all the prerequisites for reaching higher ranking positions. In the photo in front projection, the novelty demonstrates:

Opel Insignia 2021.

• central longitudinal profile and wave reliefs of the hood sidewalls;

• corporate configuration of the radiator grille decorated with a logo and textured mesh;

• trapezoidal blocks of powerful LED optics supplemented with stylish boomerangs of running lights.

The lower segment of the front end includes a set of side ventilation diffusers with built-in fog lamps and a compact format of the air intake for the engine compartment cooling circuit.

Décor on the front side of the body includes chrome branding and a small number of stepped reliefs.

From a profile perspective, the new body forms a positive perception of the excellent aerodynamics of the sloping roof, the contrast of the silver perimeter and black trim of the window glazing extended to the inclined rear pillars, the shape and decorative chrome plating of the rear hemisphere view mirrors.

The sidewalls also draw attention to the deep ribbed longitudinal profile and muscular wheel arches with 20-inch aluminum composite rims.

According to eyewitnesses, the configuration of a low-set body is associated with the dynamics of a large predator ready to jump.

The design of the rear side of the case contains the features of a traditional crossover layout. In sight:

Opel Insignia 2021.

• covered with a rounded edge of the spoiler, panoramic format of the tilted window;

• the vertical plane of the lanterns decorated with the inner segments and the transverse reliefs of the tailgate;

• protruding bumper and compact body kit with cutout for chrome tailpipe.

A characteristic feature of the new version of the sedan is the absence of aggressive styling elements. The appearance of the novelty is dominated by the smooth contours of the wings, the sporty aerodynamics of the body itself and external hinges.


The range of finishing and decorative materials for the five-seater saloon is complemented by high-quality fabrics, several varieties of artificial and natural leather. The front panel differs from its predecessor:

Opel Insignia 2021.

• new cockpit;

• increased information content of the digital instrument panel;

• extended functionality of technical and electronic equipment.

Judging by the opinions of eyewitnesses, already in the basic configuration, the new version of the Opel Insignia 2021 has a modern multimedia and navigation complex, equipment corresponding to the status and effective security systems.

The standard options are activated by the command buttons of the multifunctional sports steering wheel and the touchpad of the 8-inch multimedia display built into the center console. The dashboard also includes a set of deflectors and two remote controls with analog switches.

As part of the tunnel adjacent to the console:

• spacious niche for small things;

• extended list of functional and comfort-forming organizers;

• technical sector with transmission shift knob and armrest with additional mini fridge cover function.

Perfectly profiled and ergonomic front seats offer the driver and passenger lateral support, multiple adjustment points, heated and ventilated seats.

The status of a five-seater saloon with good reason can be considered conditional, since the rear sofa can accommodate two adult riders with due comfort.

For tall passengers, a low roof creates significant comfort. The sofa’s limited travel service partially compensates for the presence of a folding armrest.

By stowing the backrests of the rear seats, the standard volume of the 500-liter boot can be increased to 1,050 liters. For a sedan body layout, the indicator is nominal.

Opel Insignia 2021.


The new generation sedan retained the body dimensions of its predecessor without changes in the ratios of 4842 x 1856 and 1498 mm.

The advantages of the chassis include a wheelbase increased to 2737, 160 mm ground clearance, an independent spring-MacPhersonian suspension of the front and independent multi-link rear axle, as well as a full circle of disc brakes.

• The basic modification will receive a power unit consisting of a 1.8-liter gasoline aspirated with an output of 140 hp / 175 Nm and a 6-speed manual transmission.

• Fans of a dynamic driving style should appreciate the traction and speed characteristics of the 1.6-liter turbocharged internal combustion engine developing 170 hp. / 260 Nm complete with automated 6-band transmission.

The test drive did not notice significant differences in the factory parameters and the results of control tests. Opel Insignia 2021 has a start dynamics of 11.3 seconds and more than 200 km / h of maximum speed.

Options and prices

Abroad, the novelty is announced in three modifications, the starting cost in ruble terms is in the range of 2.1-2.3 million.

The price is determined by different options for power tandems, the number and properties of free options.

Sales start in Russia

Opel’s products left the domestic market, so the release date in Russia was not officially considered by the company’s management.

Competing models

In the category of advanced sedans, the new Opel Insignia 2021 model year is able to quite successfully compete with analogues of the Skoda Superb class, Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat CC, Audi A4 Avant and Citroen DS5.

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