Opel Manta 2022.

Opel Manta 2022...

Opel Manta 2022.

Opel Manta 2022 — the return of the popular coupe of the 3rd generation
When they say that VW produces national cars, the owners of Opel are laughing somewhere on the sidelines.

Although the brand is not popular, no one has the courage to say that the engineers there make bad cars. Now they are steadily updating the lineup, they simply invest little in promotion.

But everything can change in 2022, when, according to rumors, the new Opel Manta electric car will enter the market.

For fans of the classics, the name may seem familiar and not in vain. With such a label back in 1970, a sports coupe came out, which in Europe was a stunning success.

Why, 5 years later, the development of the model was covered up by the story, but apparently the local bosses decided to repeat the past success by putting the model on electric rails.

Opel Manta 2022...


It is immediately worth noting that the information presented below is based on some details of the interview with the director of the concern, several insiders from the brand’s design bureau and the opinions of experts who have long been monitoring the activities of the concern.

So do not take the voiced data for the final stop, because they can still replay.

Presumably the car will be designed on an e-CMP truck. There is information about the choice in the direction of EMP2, but then we will talk about a hybrid car or the introduction of significant changes in the design. Therefore, the option with e-CMP, where one electric motor will be located on the front axle, seems more obvious.

Regarding the technical features of the latter, there are two MacPherson struts in front, a semi-independent beam with aluminum levers at the rear, a battery up to 50 kWh and an electric motor up to 136 hp.

That is, the orientation goes to a B or C-class car, which is fully compatible with the brand’s policy. By the way, the power reserve with such an arrangement is expected to be in the range of 300-350 km. That’s all for now.

Opel Manta 2022...


According to insiders and the opinion of most experts, the Germans will take the concept shown in the distant 2010 as the basis. Here it is worth noting a certain parallel of continuity. Back in the 70s, the company did not hide the fact that the Opel Manta is the European response to muscle cars of American manufacturers.

If you look at the European, you will notice body elements identical with overseas counterparts and the overall dynamic profile, but with much smaller dimensions that meet the standards of European streets. In addition, in the 70s, Manta was one of the most powerful production cars, which again hints at the American track.

Oh yes, why is it all said. If you look at the mentioned concept, you will notice that it painfully resembles one modern American muscle car, namely the Chevrolet Camaro of the latest generations.

By the way, Opel in the last 6 years has been issuing truly bold design decisions. The company’s new products give freshness in such a conservative market. Which once again hints at the possibility of implementing the script using the concept shown earlier.


It is already clear that it’s too early to talk about the Opel Manta interior. Even the concept then did not have a ready-made interior. And even if it had been demonstrated at one time, there would be little sense for us from this. After all, 10 years have passed. Over the years, market trends have changed dramatically.

There was minimalism, craving for large multimedia touchscreens, wireless chargers. Manufacturers began to move away from plastic towards alternative materials.
Plus, in 2010 no one had ever thought about creating electric cars, so the ICE option would now also be out of favor.

Opel Manta 2022...


There are still few offers on the electric car market. Now it’s enough to offer your own, different from competitors, price tag, and people will come running for a test drive. Here it is worth recalling information about the selected platform, although the selected concept does not give rest. Therefore, the democratic price tag is hard to believe.

So far, competition with the Mustang Mach-E brand and, possibly, with Model 3 is predicted. Although, the scenario of competition within the German conglomerate with the VW and Audi electric range is not ruled out.

Price and sales start date

We are not talking about any pricing yet. The only thing that I mentioned to introduce the brand is about plans to launch the Opel Manta on sale as early as 2022. So the latest information on the German developments in the field of electrification should begin to arrive by the end of the year

Oh yes, also the chief of Opel, mentioned that the development of the electric car will probably be carried out jointly with the leading specialists of the PSA concern.

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