Peugeot 408 2023.

Peugeot 408 2023.

Peugeot 408 2023.

Peugeot 408 sedan of the next generation: new images.

The French company is preparing for the premiere a new sedan with the index 408, but in the meantime, we used the available information to get our own idea of how the car will look.

The 408 model first appeared in the brand’s range in 2010.

The sedan is built on an elongated base of the station wagon 308 and was originally intended for the Chinese market.

In 2012, however, its production and sales began in Russia. It is still offered on our market (in a restyled form), being the only passenger car model officially represented by Peugeot.

In China, since 2014, the second generation of the sedan, made on the basis of the model 308 of the second generation of 2013, has been produced.

Peugeot 408 2023.

In 2018, it received a restyling, and now another update is being prepared, which will be very significant.

Judging by the available photos and official sketches, which were distributed earlier this week, there will be exactly a redesigned model, not a completely new one.

Many details, which are similar to the current 408, speak for that.

Among these are the shape of the front door window frames, the characteristic stamps on the sides (you can see them on the sketches), and the front and rear fenders, which are also likely to remain untouched (except for adding a new brand logo on the front fenders).

Peugeot 408 2023.

The front end will be styled like the new European 308, which premiered last spring, with the sedan getting the original front bumper and slightly different headlights.

A similar story with the rear, where there will be lights in the style of the 308 hatchback, united by a contrasting decorative insert, and the license plate niche will be moved to the bumper.

The interior will also be updated: here, at least, there will be a new steering wheel and modified front panel, but in general, the interior will be much more traditional than the new 308.

Peugeot 408 2023.

It is supposed that the sedan will keep EMP2 platform (as well as a new hatchback), but nothing is known about the engine lineup.

The current 408 in China is available with petrol «turbo» 1.3 and «tubrochetroika» 1.6 rated at 136 and 170 hp respectively.

The premiere of the novelty is expected during this year.

Peugeot 408 2023.

As it was already told, today in Russia a sedan 408 of previous generation made on the basis of the first generation 308 is still offered.

The model is presented with a single atmospheric motor 1.6 rated at 115 h.p., with 5-speed «manual» the car is priced at 2 149 000 rubles, with 6-speed automatic transmission — from 2 236 000 rubles.


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