Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo.

Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo.

Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo.

Polestar is Volvo’s court tuning studio, sort of like Mercedes’ AMG or BMW’s M Perfomance, but it’s now a separate company developing its own cars, albeit with Volvo technology.

In October 2017, it was announced that the first model of the newly formed company will be the Polestar 1 2020 hybrid sports coupe, which was to be launched in serial production in September 2019.

Volvo’s parent company, the Chinese manufacturer Geely, has invested 640 million euros in the Polestar brand. Moreover, in the summer, 50 Polestar 1 2020 models of the model year, which received the status of pre-production samples, rolled off the assembly line of the Chinese plant in Chengdu.

They should have been at the disposal of some buyers, so that they could help with their recommendations and feedback in the final adjustment of production models, as well as decide on a list of options they needed.

The page contains all the details about the new model from Volvo, Polestar 1 2020 model year, possible configurations and prices in Russia, release date, photos, technical and dynamic characteristics and a video test drive of the sports coupe.

Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo.


The full name of the model is Polestar 1 Electric Performance Hybrid, and it is based on the modular SPA platform familiar to us from the Volvo XC60, S90, V90 and XC90.

The two-door wheelbase is 2621 mm and the body length reaches 4.5 meters. A special feature of the coupe’s design is completely carbon-fiber body elements, and the manufacturer plans to keep the same approach with the release of the following models: the Polestar 2 electric sedan and the Polestar 3 crossover.

Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo..


We could get acquainted with the exterior of the Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo back in 2013, when the Concept Coupe was shown.

The exterior of the hybrid coupe retains a sporty look and a stylistic concept that confirms the model’s belonging to Volvo.

The characteristic hexagonal shape of the radiator grille, narrow headlights with LED modules like «Thor’s hammer», X-shaped front bumper — to this is added a «humped» hood, hinting at the enormous power of the power plant.

At the rear, the car stands out with a simple chopped stern with C-shaped headlamps and sporty twin tailpipes.


The interior is almost entirely borrowed from the new Volvo models.

Even the first teasers of the Polestar 1 coupe made it clear that the interior of the novelty would be borrowed from Volvo.

More precisely, it was simply taken from the business-class sedan and slightly retouched, adding a little chrome and wood decor. In the center of the front panel is a 9.5-inch touchscreen display of the multimedia system, on the sides of which there are huge vertical air vents.

A multi-wheel with physical buttons, a digital «tidy» and a small chrome-plated joystick for transmission control — everything is familiar and is quite in place, although for a modern hybrid it looks a little old-fashioned.

Technical stuffing

Polestar 1 2020 model year clearly sets the task of immediately knocking out potential competitors, setting more than a decent bar for the power of its hybrid plant. 600 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque — this is exactly how much four motors produce at the same time:

2.0-liter Drive E four-cylinder engine,

forced up to 380 liters. from. and is responsible for front-wheel drive;

two 109-horsepower (85 kW each) electric motors on the rear axle — for each wheel;

starter generator 46 hp from.

On electric traction alone, of course, in a gentle mode, such a coupe can cover up to 150 kilometers.

Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo.

The hybrid will, as expected, receive all the most modern security systems, and their set can be selected by the buyer himself.

In assortment»:

safety curtains,
driver’s knee airbag,
emergency braking system,
adaptive cruise control,
system of keeping a car in a lane,
tracking system for road signs,
all-round visibility system,
automatic valet parking and many others. dr.

Polestar 1 2020 from Volvo..

Release date in Russia and price

The cost of the hybrid sports coupe Polestar 1 Electric Performance Hybrid is 155 thousand, moreover, this is exactly the same amount of dollars for a car they ask for in the USA, and the same amount, but euros, are taken by dealers of the brand in Europe.

It is known that out of the first 500 cars produced, 200 will go to the Americans, and the rest will be sold in China and a number of European countries.

It is not yet known whether this hybrid will reach Russia, since all the cars are sold out, and the manufacturer has not made public the names of its customers.


Video test drive Polestar 1 from Volvo

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