Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023. The Germans spoke about the start of road tests of the Porsche Macan electric model, whose market launch is scheduled for 2023.

After the first checks at the test site at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, a pair of «physical prototypes» were sent outside the company’s premises for the first time.

Michael Steiner, member of the Porsche Executive Board for Research and Development, says the electric Macan will be the sportiest model in its segment.

By the time the new Macan hits the market, its prototypes will have covered about three million kilometers around the world in various conditions, the company says.

Porsche uses the word “physical” for a reason: more than 20 detailed digital models of the Macan were created in parallel, on which engineers perfect aerodynamics, acoustics, ergonomics and a new virtual cockpit, energy management, temperature control of the battery, motors and on-board charger.

The information obtained on digital models and layouts allows you to adjust the parameters of physical prototypes. And vice versa: data from road tests helps to make adjustments to digital models.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

The new Macan (de facto generation number two, although the manufacturer considers it the third) is built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), developed jointly with Audi.

The “cart” will be very flexible, allowing you to create both ordinary cars (sedans and liftbacks) and crossovers with rear and all-wheel drive.

And the same plant in Leipzig that produces the current conventional Makans will produce an electric SUV.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

So far, we know only one car on the PPE platform — the Audi A6 e-tron concept, heralding the sixth generation Audi A6 family.

It has a 100 kWh battery and two electric motors (one each front and rear) with a total output of 350 kW (476 hp) and 800 Nm. Audi calls the front suspension five-link, and the rear multi-link.

At the same time, this year the company will present the successor to the current Macan model with a traditional power plant. The Germans don’t talk much about him.

Apparently, we are talking about a redesigned modern Makan. He will live in the brand’s catalog for several more years in parallel with a purely electric counterpart.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

The car is waiting for not just a technical update, but a noticeable restyling, after which the gasoline Macan will outwardly be made in the same style as the upcoming electric one (we can assume similar body lines and similar optics).

A spokesperson for Porsche said the electric Macan will have two battery sizes available.

It should also be noted that the Macan EV will use VW Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which will also underpin future Audi and Porsche products.

Porsche Macan Electric EV 2023.

This will allow fast charging of the battery. In this regard, Porsche also plans to strengthen its partnership with the charging network Electrify America.

The electric Porsche Macan will reportedly go on sale by 2023, coinciding with last year’s report that production would start by the end of 2022.

More detailed information will appear closer to the start of production of the electric novelty.

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