Porsche Macan T 2023.

Porsche Macan T 2023.

Porsche Macan T 2023.

The Porsche Macan updated last year has been updated with the T version, which will help the popular crossover to become even more popular.

The new 2023 Porsche Macan T with the simplest trim is officially unveiled.

Porsche started using the T (Touring) badge on its models only in 2017.

The mid-size Macan crossover has been in production since 2017, it underwent a planned restyling in 2021 and lost its top Turbo version (not really, it was just renamed GTS), and now the line has a version with the letter T, which in Porsche language stands for Touring — the letter marks refined, yet relatively affordable road models.

It is placed on the lightweight versions of the cars and is designed for those buyers who want the simplest sports car of the German brand.

That said, the 2023 Porsche Macan T was the company’s first crossover to receive such a modification.

The novelty is equipped with the least powerful engine of those that the German company has.

Under the hood of the Macan T is placed a 2-liter supercharged unit with a maximum output of 261 hp and a tractive torque of 295 N*m.

Porsche Macan T 2023.

By default, the German model is equipped with a standard all-wheel drive combined with a seven-speed double-clutch «robot».

Despite the fact that the new Macan T has less power than crossovers in versions S (375 hp) and GTS (434 hp), this version of the German model, according to official information, was lighter by 58.5 pounds.

Thanks to this, according to Porsche representatives, the car has a nimble handling and the ability to optimally pass corners.

Macan T is equipped as standard with the company’s Sport Chrono package, which adds a few buttons on the steering wheel to control supported driving modes.

Porsche Macan T 2023.

Porsche said that the new crossover accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, and its top speed is limited to 232 km/h.

The advantages of the Macan T compared to the more powerful Macan S (2.9 liter V6, 380 hp) and Macan GTS (2.9 liter V6, 440 hp), includes a lighter front end, making the crossover more responsive in control — it is pleasant to drive on serpentines, and fuel consumption at the same time a liter and a half per «hundred» less than the versions with V6.

In general, really good variant for travel across Europe with its good roads.

Visual features of the Macan T are painted in Agate Grey Metallic mirror housings, side moldings, plaque on the front bumper, rear spoiler and logo on the tailgate, and also — four exhaust pipes instead of two in the base Macan, glossy black frames of the side windows and 20-inch wheels from more powerful Macan S.

The interior is decorated with «elegant gray»: the sills have dark aluminum overlays, the standard sports front seats have exclusive dark leather upholstery with gray stitching and embossed Porsche emblems on the headrests.

Porsche Macan T 2023.

Note that the standard version Macan spends 0.2 seconds more to accelerate to a «hundred».

Depending on the chosen options package, buyers of German novelty have a system of controlling the torque vector and adaptive air suspension.

For extra charge it is also possible to buy 20-inch wheels and special black titanium trim.

The price for the Porsche Macan T in Russia starts at 6,120,000 rubles. For comparison, the base Macan costs from 5,550,000 rubles, the Macan S from 6,680 rubles, and the Macan GTS from 7,710,000 rubles.

Porsche Macan T 2023.

We should add that last year the Macan was the most popular model of Porsche: 88,362 copies were sold, while the Cayenne sold 83,071 units, and all Porsche in 2021 sold 301,915 cars, 11% more than in 2020.

Meanwhile, in Russia the Cayenne is more popular than the Macan: 3,431 and 1,413 units were sold last year, respectively.

The second generation of the Porsche Macan is expected in 2023; the crossover will also be offered with an all-electric powertrain.

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