Porsche Panamera 2022.

Porsche Panamera 2022.

Porsche Panamera 2022.

Porsche Panamera 2022: a flagship liftback with leadership potential.

Engineers of the German Porsche brand at the beginning of the third decade of the XXI century carry out a systematic restyling of all the most popular models.

As part of this program is almost ready for conveyor production of the company’s flagship liftback — the model Porsche Panamera 2022.

Currently, a bright and aggressive car passes the final tests, and very soon will be able to please fans of the brand brutal design, very comfortable and rich interior and improved under-hood characteristics.

Despite the slightly increased cost, the car will surely find its buyer who wants to stand out in the stream and drive a really high quality car.

The exterior of .

Even the photos allow you to make an idea of the bright, distinctive and brutal appearance of the novelty.

The car features streamlined lines, stylish lighting and interesting air intake systems, in which the spirit of the brand can be easily and subtly guessed.

The front end of the new body has undergone the biggest changes. It is still low, but its length and width are still impressive.

Under the strongly sloped, curved glass is a huge hood cover with a longitudinal relief, smoothly descending to the roadway.

Huge teardrop-shaped headlights with high-quality LED fillings complete the look, and the bodykit located slightly below includes a «weightless» system of air intake passages, several aerodynamic inserts, a platform for the license plate, as well as a stylish, slightly protruding «lip» at the very bottom.

Porsche Panamera 2022.

The profile of the Porsche Panamera 2022 has undergone only subtle changes.

Beneath the huge, streamlined roof lurks a rather modest window figure with a thin, black trim and small pillars.

The streamlined contours are well blended with huge rounded mirrors, recessed in the body door handles, as well as aggressive sills and huge circular wheel arches, able to accommodate 20-21 inch rims with a slightly updated pattern.

At the rear, the new model looks very sporty due to strongly tapered at the top of the rear end with a massive spoiler, covering a slightly sloping window in chrome trim.

Below, above the Porsche Panamera lettering, there is an LED line of brake lights, which expands around the edges into stylish «petals» rear «lights».

Porsche Panamera 2022.

The main part of the trunk lid contains a clearly visible relief, which includes stamping for the registration plate.

Trim, which does not differ in large dimensions, has many smooth transitions, which hide fog bands, parking sensors, as well as the diffuser with four chrome round exhaust pipes, connected in pairs.


Inside the new Porsche Panamera 2022 model year, everything looks «rank and file»: luxury trim materials, including good quality leather, alcantara, inserts of polished aluminum and pleasant touch of plastic, an abundance of driver aides in different road conditions, as well as an improved entertainment complex.

Controls and controls

Since the change of generations of the model is yet to come, most of the controls of the novelty have already been tested on other models of the brand.

Thus, a large, comfortable steering wheel with a branded round centerpiece and lots of buttons on the side spokes borrowed from the electric car Taycan, and the dashboard with a stylish tachometer, speedometer and trip computer — from the previous generation Panamera.

Porsche Panamera 2022.

In the center of the console, under the branded chronometer, there is a slightly redesigned multimedia display, and immediately below it begins a high and wide central tunnel.

The named element includes ventilation system deflectors, a technical panel with an elegant transmission selector and several touch-screen touchpads.

In a small recess of the tunnel you can find an organizer and cupholders under the curtains, and everything ends with an armrest, which contains a cooled glove compartment.

Seats and luggage compartment

In spite of the fact that the car is five-seater according to the passport, it will be more comfortable for four drivers — irrespective of sex and complexion.

Each seat will be covered with soft leather, contain good-quality filling with the function «memory» and have a very comfortable shape.

Porsche Panamera 2022.

The front row will get sports lumbar-side support, heating, massage and ventilation.

Passengers in the second row will have an autonomous climate control, a chic armrest and multimedia monitors in the backs of the front seats.

As for the luggage compartment, it is quite impressive even for a liftback: nearly 500 liters in the camping state and 1,300 liters — with the second row folded down.

Technical characteristics

The new MSB «bogie» allows a variety of engine types, including a 560-horsepower hybrid, to be used in the more than 5-meter Porsche Panamera 2022. Gasoline versions of the cars have power units of 2.9 to 4 liters with output from 330 to 630 horsepower.

Drive can be rear or all-wheel drive, but as a transmission is offered a non-alternative eight-speed automatic.

You don’t even need a test drive to understand that the car will be able to pick up speed very quickly, while driving in it will be comfortable regardless of driving conditions.

The price for comfort is high fuel consumption and the need for frequent maintenance.

Options and prices

In the Old World, the car will be offered in at least three configurations, each of which can be improved by purchasing additional equipment.

The price of the initial version will be 9 million rubles, for the most advanced version will need to pay more than 15 million units of domestic currency.

Start of sales in Russia

In European countries, new items will start selling near the end of the summer of 2022, but about the date of release in Russia is still not talking.

Competing models

There are not so many competitors of the same-class car, first of all, it is Audi A8 and Kia Quoris.

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