Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory. Mansory has unveiled its version of the electric Porsche Taycan.

Tuning studio Mansory has presented a set of upgrades for the electric Porsche Taycan. Surprisingly, the car received quite small updates, despite the shockingness of most of the projects from Mansory.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory: neat carbon body kit and new wheels.

Atelier Mansory has presented a modified version of the electric sports car Porsche Taycan.

First of all, the German tuners installed a forged carbon body kit on the car.

With their submission, the four-door received a front splitter, inserts in the headlight area, side skirts, a miniature spoiler in the stern and a rear diffuser.

Plus, the side mirror housings are made of carbon fiber, as well as a couple of thin stripes that can be seen on the front fenders of the car.

Additionally, Mansory has installed an electric sports car on new wheels. This time around, they opted for 22-inch center-locking Y.5 alloy wheels.

The company notes that such wheels have thin Y-shaped spokes, which contributes to additional heat dissipation from the brakes.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

By the way, at the request of the customer, the brake calipers of the electric car can be painted in any color.

The interior of the revised Porsche Taikan is finished in leather and has a range of carbon fiber accents.

The interior of the car is characterized by the presence of contrasting stitching, and the color of the latter can again be chosen by the client.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

In addition, the Taycan pictured here has a new steering wheel and stylish side skirts. Its technical «filling» has not undergone modifications.

Mansory is back and has developed some upgrades for the Porsche Taycan.

The infamous tuner certainly likes to go overboard with the design of cars sometimes, but for the electric Taycan, the whole package of changes is actually quite modest.

In this case, humility is a very good approach for Porsche’s electric supercar in many ways.

The standard material that Mansory uses for their projects is carbon fiber.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

The front splitter is reinforced with forged carbon fiber, with plenty of forged carbon around the headlights and a wide, narrow opening on the Taycan’s nose, reminiscent of the racing 911 GT3.

The forged carbon side sills are part of the body kit, stretching back where we find more carbon for the rear apron and diffuser, with a small spoiler at the top.

The side mirrors are also finished in forged carbon fiber, and a pair of thin carbon strips spanning the front fenders and doors give the Taycan a distinct character.

Mansory can’t help but renew the wheels and this Porsche is no exception.

A set of one-piece Y.5 alloy wheels are bolted to the front and rear, all 22 inches in diameter, although the rear wheels are slightly wider.

Porsche Taycan from Mansory.

Mansory says the thin-spoke design helps dissipate heat from the brakes, which remain standard but can be aesthetically enhanced with calipers painted in any color. This completes the external updates.

There are not many photos of the Taycan by Mansory interior, but the company emphasizes that it will change the interior of the electric vehicle to the taste of customers.

So carbon inserts and leather finishes are offered on almost any surface, and of course you can do contrast stitching in all kinds of wild colors.

Custom handlebars and side skirts with Mansory branding are also available.

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