Praga Bohema 2023.

Praga Bohema 2023.

Praga Bohema 2023.

The Czech Republic has created its own hypercar Praga Bohema.

Do you remember the Czech all-wheel-drive trucks Praga with a characteristic small hood in front of a full-size cabin?

In the USSR these trucks were bought for mobile workshops and mobile X-ray units.

Production of these trucks was stopped long ago, but the Praga company is still in operation — and works in many market niches.

For example, back in 2009, it started production of race karts, and in significant volumes — up to seven thousand pieces per year. And in 2012, it established division Praga Cars, which is engaged in small-scale production of sports cars.

Until now it was relatively simple cars with Renault turbo four, but now Praga has presented its first road hypercar called Bohema.

Its development took five years, and the company brought in Swiss racer Romain Grojean, who previously raced in Formula 1 and now races in the IndyCar series, to fine-tune it.

The fine-tuning is not yet completed, it will take a few months, but the developers have already said that the possibilities on the racetrack Praga Bohema will not yield to GT3-class cars.

Praga Bohema 2023.

The carbon fiber monocoque is the basis of the car and all exterior panels are also made of carbon fiber, but magnesium alloy and titanium are also used.

There are 50-litre luggage compartments in niches in front of the rear wheel arches on the left and right where you can store your helmet and racing equipment.

The lift-up doors are equipped with electric locks, but there are also emergency mechanical handles.

Suspension is race-type push-rod with horizontally adjustable shock absorbers.

Praga Bohema 2023.

Brakes on all wheels have carbon-ceramic discs of 380 mm in diameter and six-piston mechanisms.

Wheels with central nut fastening (18-inch in the front and 19-inch in the rear) are shod by default in Pirelli Trofeo R semi-slicks.

Developed aerodynamic dodger at 250 km/h provides downforce equivalent to 900 kg.

At the same time, the mass of the hypercar itself is only 982 kg (but this is with an empty 74-liter gas tank).

Praga Bohema 2023.

Behind the seats is a V6 3.8 twin-turbo engine borrowed from the Nissan GT-R supercar, with Praga negotiating with the Japanese company for official deliveries.

These engines are tuned by British company Litchfield Engineering, which has already had a hand in tuning of Nissans.

Among the changes are new turbochargers, dry sump lubrication system, plus a fully titanium exhaust duct. And no hybrid add-ons.

However, the final output does not amaze: 710 hp and 725 Nm, although the same company Litchfield Engineering offers boosting to 1000 hp, and other tuners squeeze much more out of this Nissan engine.

The Praga Bohema has a Hewland sequential gearbox with a robotized clutch and rear-wheel drive.

Praga Bohema 2023.

The top speed exceeds 300 km/h and acceleration to a «hundred» takes about 2,3 s.

The two-seater cockpit is tailored to the racing canons. The instrument panel and most of the buttons-switches are built right into the steering wheel, which can be removed for easy boarding.

Another block of buttons is located on the overhead console. The seats, steering column and pedal assembly are adjustable, so the developers promise that a pilot up to two meters tall can be accommodated inside.

Production of cars will be organized on the technical base of Kresta Racing team in the Czech Republic.

The first commercial hypercars should appear in the second half of 2023.

Until December Praga intends to produce 10 cars, and then give out 20 copies a year. The total production run of the Praga Bohema model is 89 copies and the price for each one is 1,28 million euros.

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