Ram 700 2021.

Ram 700 2021.

Ram 700 2021.

Ram 700 2021: a modified version of the Italian pickup.
Ram Trucks, a subsidiary of the Italian concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is launching a new model of a compact truck — Ram 700 2021.

According to the experts, the new model, with the exception of certain parts, is a restyling of the worldwide popular Italian Fiat Strada pickup.

The novelty of the branded model range is announced in trim levels with single and double salons and in three modifications with options for basic, intermediate and top equipment. The manufacturer promises a very comfortable interior, modern technical and electronic equipment.

In the new generation, a practical, functional and fairly comfortable pickup truck is of interest to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as lovers of varieties of active, including tourist recreation.


Despite the pickup’s cargo-and-passenger status, its body design is identified with that of premium SUVs. The front end has elements of aggressive style, complemented by a combination of stepped and wave relief.


Ram 700 2021. The most expressive and presentable is the new pickup body in the frontal view. In the spotlight:

• massive chrome-plated semi-perimeter of wind glazing;

• ribbed longitudinal profiles converging to the front edge of the inclined hood;

• coarse mesh and complex configuration of the radiator lining;

• LED multifunctional optics units combined with turning and running lights.

The lower segment of the front shows the sloping sidewalls of the protruding bumper, the large format of the lower air intake mesh and a set of fog lamps located in the side niches.

The layout of the front end is completed with a ribbed body kit. The front body decor is represented by the chrome logo of the brand logo and a large number of stepped reliefs.

Ram 700 2021.

In the photo in the side projection of the Ram 700 2021, structural and layout solutions characteristic of

SUVs are visible. In stock:

• silver roof rails connected to the rear pillars of the cargo platform;

• massive plastic strapping of two sections of high side glazing;

• aesthetic geometry of spacious doorways;

• large-format mirrors and small-sized door handles.

In the lower part, the new body attracts attention with stepped longitudinal reliefs of the sidewalls, massive plastic liners of square wheel arches.

The all-terrain functions declared by the manufacturer are confirmed by the high ground clearance and the diameter of the 19-inch solid disks equipped with wide-profile rubber.

Ram 700 2021.

More positive emotions from the review of the rear of the pickup. In the field of view — the tailgate of the cargo platform decorated with the brand logo and the nameplate, the wedge-shaped shape of the rear lights, complemented by a platform for the number plate, fog lights and towing brackets, a figured plastic body kit.


The multifunction sports steering wheel is equipped with two blocks of command buttons designed for quick activation of components of functional and comfort-forming systems.

It should be noted that the level of technical and electronic equipment of the pickup meets the recommendations of the European packaging standards.

The small tunnel consists of a small luggage niche, a power shift lever and a minimum set of organizers. There is a mechanical parking brake lever between the front seats.

Ergonomic and well-profiled first row seats offer lateral support elements, several adjustment ranges, and seat heating and cooling systems are assumed. Three riders of the rear sofa can change the angle of the backrest and use the folding armrest.


By American standards, body dimensions in the ratios of 4444 x 1664 and 1525 mm are considered nominal.

Depending on the configuration, the volume of the loading platform varies from 691 to 1143 liters, the maximum load is up to 750 kg. The length of the center base is 2737 mm, and the ground clearance is 208 mm.

Ram 700 2021.

In the asset chassis: independent MacPhersonian suspension of the front axle, torsion bar, with long-travel hydropneumatic shock absorbers — rear.

• The base model will receive a power tandem consisting of a 1.5-liter petrol aspirated with 84 hp / 118 Nm peak thrust output. In the top configuration, the power of the turbocharged engine is increased to 98 hp, and the torque to 128 Nm.

• Traction characteristics are fully realized by a front-wheel drive 5-speed manual transmission. The pickup can tow a trailer with a load capacity of up to 400 kg.

• The passability of problem areas is increased due to the electronic differential lock.

The test drive has been completed, but its results, in particular, the starting, speed and operating-consumption parameters, will be published after the complete processing of the data received.

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