Renault Arkana 2024.

Renault Arkana 2024.

Renault Arkana 2024.

The popular crossover Renault Arkana 2024 is preparing for its debut, but under a different brand: spy photos of the model have been published.

A few days ago on public roads in Europe was spotted one of the most popular crossovers French brand Renault.

We are talking about Renault Arkana 2024. However, tested not the European version of the model, and South Korean, which is known under the index Samsung XM3.

Recall that the car first appeared in South Korea and Russia, and only after in the countries of the Old World. By the way, here the crossover is offered exclusively with a hybrid setup under the hood — MHEV and HEV.

It is also worth saying that in the near future the European version will be updated.

The premiere date of the model in South Korea has not yet been disclosed, but it is expected no earlier than next year.

So, on road tests was noticed Asian variation of Renault Arkana.

It is noteworthy that the crossover body is masked only partially — there is camouflage only on the front bumper.

Renault Arkana 2024.

This suggests that this is where the main upgrades are concentrated.

In general, there is an explanation. The fact is that for the crossover this update is a simple facelift, so it does not require radical changes yet.

Renault Arkana 2024.

Determine that it is the South Korean version of the model can be determined by the corresponding nameplates that are present on the body.

Despite the quite dense camouflage cloth, which covers the front bumper, you can already see some details.

Renault Arkana 2024.

In particular, you can already see the obvious changes in the design of the radiator grille.

But it’s still hard to see its shape because of the protection. Headlights and air intakes are also hidden under the camouflage, but here you should also expect some modifications.

Rather strange looks the hood, where you can see a few rectangular inserts of different lengths.

Perhaps it’s a special trim that hides the shape of the module.

Renault Arkana 2024.

But the side and rear bumper are left completely open. And there are no obvious changes.

Although experts do not exclude that the optics will be updated, as well as wheel design.

How the interior will change is still unclear as there are no photos or other available information.

As for the technical equipment, it is likely to remain the same. But the list of options will be expanded.

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