Renault Clio EV 2025.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

Renault Clio EV 2025. Design students presented renders of the future Renault Clio electric car.

Renault is heading towards an electrified future. In the supermini segment, the brand has not one, but three models: the all-electric R5 and Zoe, as well as the Clio with an ICE engine.

The latter has more than 30 years of history and a sufficient number of loyal fans.

So it comes as no surprise that the independent design team unveiled the new sixth generation Renault Clio as a BEV.

The Clio VI project was sponsored by the Renault Design Center in France at the Strate Design School.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

The team includes Titoine Lemarchand and Guillaume Matherol, who are responsible for the exterior design, and César Barrot, who is responsible for the interior.

The project was overseen by Marco Brunoni, who works as a senior exterior designer at Renault.

The resulting concept car features striking proportions, large-diameter wheels, huge glass surfaces and aggressive styling.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

The cab boasts virtually panoramic glazing, and a heavily tilted windshield emerges from the short bonnet.

Beautiful bevels on each side visually connect the bulging front and rear fenders, while the doors are also made of glass.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

LED headlights with slim horizontal and vertical elements are inspired by the 2020 Renault Megane eVision concept.

At the stern, there are LED taillights reminiscent of the R5 Turbo, as well as a huge diffuser integrated into the body.

Likewise, the double rear spoiler is an extension of the glass roof and is made of the same transparent material.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

The cabin has room for four passengers. Moreover, futuristic seats resemble expensive furniture.

The wing-shaped instrument panel has wood trim, and the floating center console is another nod to Renault’s design language.

Moreover, the number of physical buttons in the cabin is minimized. The luggage compartment behind the rear passengers has practical dividers.

Renault Clio EV 2025.

The aim of the project is to present a four-seater vehicle on the future Renault electric platform.

The result is impressive. While the digital concept car is probably too futuristic to consider for a next-generation Clio, it does a great job of envisioning a future supermini, combining aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing bodywork with a spacious interior.

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