Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

Renault Duster Oroch pickup: instead of a new generation there will be a restyling, but with a turbo engine.

The truck of the French brand will be updated exterior design. The main technical update is expected to be a turbo four engine 1.3.

The current four-door pickup Renault Duster Oroch in formation since 2015, it is made on the basis of Duster of the first generation.

The truck version is sold in Latin America, the production is established in Brazil, where they also produce the original crossover.

Last year, the Brazilian Duster went to the second generation, the same was expected from the truck.

But then they started catching test prototypes on local roads and it became clear that instead of a new generation there will be a restyling: the caught Duster Oroch has the same body.

Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

There will be few changes in design. So, the pickup will receive a new grille in the style of Indian Duster (he, by the way, is still in the first generation), plus retouched front bumper.

Well, the model is predicted to have other disks. Inside it is likely to install more modern multimedia system.

Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

But Renault Duster Oroch should get a turbocharged engine. According to Brazilian edition Motor1, restyled pickup will be offered with a «turbo four» 1.3 TCe from a local Renault Captur.

We also know this engine — it is equipped with the Russian «second» Duster and Kaptur.

Thus, in Brazil the turbo engine is «fed» not only with gasoline, but also with ethanol: the engine on the Captur produces 162 and 170 hp respectively (in Russia its power makes 150 hp).

Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

According to Motor1, 1.3 TCe engine will replace 2-liter atmospheric engine (143 hp on gasoline and 148 hp on ethanol).

As for the atmospheric engine 1.6 (118/120 hp) seems to remain in service. In addition, together with the turbo engine the pickup can also get a variator, while the pre-reform Duster Oroch is available only with «manual» (five-speed for 1.6 and six-speed for 2.0).

Note, the 1.3 TCe is also promised for the Brazilian «second» Duster crossover, which is so far presented only with the 1.6 atm (5MT or CVT).

Renault Duster Oroch 2022.

The current pickup in Brazil comes only with front-wheel drive (like the new Duster crossover), although in Colombia, for example, the truck with the two-liter engine has 4WD.

Brazilians write that the restyled Renault Duster Oroch will celebrate its premiere in 2022.

The new generation is expected at the end of 2024 and this Renault truck will be built in neighboring Argentina.

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